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Surgery Send-off For Wareagle!!!

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I am so glad that I checked in just now and saw that you are getting surgery tomorrow. I hope you log in one more time before you go night night tonight and see that we are all supporting you!

Are you scheduled for early morning surgery? I hope so!

Please post when you are able after surgery--we will all be worried. You know I have a very BIG Jewish worry gene. Or have your mom post for you! :unsure: (or send me an email and I will post it for ya!)...

Well, you are our current GREEN GIRL, eh? I am glad that surgery got moved up. The wait is agonizing when you feel so awful.

You will soon also be a 'girl formerly known as green'....It reallly is amazing how many of us have had our GBs out at such a young age.

Well, I will be sending you so many good thoughts and hoping you begin to feel relief soon!

Love, Emily

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okay....i just posted you good luck wishes on the other post & then em had to go and one up me with a separate post altogether (just kidding :unsure:)....

no such thing as too many good wishes though...

:unsure: melissa

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Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had my gallbladder out about 5 years ago. The surgery went fine as did the recovery. Ask for Zofran before and after in your

IV so you don't vomit. You will probably feel so much better when it's gone. It's not functioning just making you sick.

Will be thinking good thoughts for you.


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Hopefully you wont need any luck from us :unsure: I hope it's an easy day for you and you're feeling better very quickly.


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Guest tearose

I join the gang in wishing you a speedy recovery!

I too felt soooo much better after that trouble making GB was outta there!

We'll be thinking about you and looking forward to hearing that you are back!

warm wishes, tearose

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Guest Julia59

Best wishes for a speedy recovery----my thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Just think of how much better your tummy will feel----ya-hooo.

Hang in there, HUGS,

Julie :0)

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