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Every High Must Fall Down!

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Hello everyone.

All has been normal .... if normal actually means anything.

I have had bouts of the good old symptoms on a daily/hourly basis for a good few years now, but it dosnt matter how many times you suffer and how much you 'Get Used' to it, you can never prepare yourself for the downfall.

Here i am again .... for the umpteenth time, falling down into the hole. My actions may well be contributing to my downfall, but hey, im young, some things i cant help.

I will raise my hand now and confess, my drinking has gotten a little out of hand, im on the largers every day now, alchol makes some worse, but not me, actually makes me forget the symptoms, althought the morning after can be worse. Im not excesive drinking, 1/2 cans at night time, helps me relax, those few hours of relaxation really make a difference, and for me its a way to de-stress. Im open to comments though, i can see them coming B).

Stress nowerdays is on a super high, ive been working as a window fitter with a family member for the past few days, something that has made me forget about my anxiety and depression and relive alot of stress.Theres no way i could show my uncle i was scared of nothing, he would wet himself laughing and sack me, so you know, i had to bite my lip and forget about it .... and i did.

This is just another one of my moans and a way to stay in touch with people who feel the same. I belive im strong minded, which is why i may seem very strong at times .... but belive me , i feel awful inside.

On the other side of things, ive gotten into a few scraps (fights) over the past few weeks, i mean real bad fights, due to all this tension, my head has been raging. For those christian members, please pray for me, i need some support at times like this.

I hope your all well, what goes down must come up :)

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