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Pharmacy Issue

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Hi guys,

So, I went to drop off my RX for Midodrine and Metoprolol. My cardio always writes out my RX the same way and there has never been a prob. So for the Midodrine he wrote out to dispense 90 for a 30 day supply, so obv 3 times a day I would be taking it and he explained it to me. The Metoprolol was written in the same way as well....

So I go to pick up my meds and I'm waiting in line feeling like I am going to pass out, THEN I am told that the pharmacist wasn't "comfortable" filling them because the way they were written out. No phone call, nothing.

I used to work in a pharmacy and we always got meds written out that way. As long as the prescribing doc explained to the patient how to take it, it was fine, we would just put take as directed.

So, I explained tp the girl at the pharmacy that my Florinef was written out the same way and was filled without a prob by the SAME pharmacist. So finally she's like well I guess we can fill it, give us 15 minutes. At this point I was aggravated and had to walk out, because I couldn't stand for 15 min. since I had no meds in me.

I could understand if I was bringing in a narcotic or controlled substance to be filled but only 1 RX was new AND they never had a problem before filling my RX. I guess I'm just venting........... :D


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