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What Helps With Gi Problems

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I saw another post regarding GI problems. It seems that my GI track has decided to stall out since my POTS started up. I have tried lots of fiber, lots of fluids, Flax seeds and Flax seed oil, acidophilis, Pruns, but nothing seems to help. I feel like my stomach is 3 times it's normal size. It is so uncomphortable.

It looks like others have this same issue. Do you take medication for it, and does it help?

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If you are trying to get things moving along, there are other things as well- aloe vera, castor oil, psyllium, dandelion, fenugreek, coffee- just make sure to check with your doctor to see what's safe for you. On the rare occasions I have that problem (I'm usually the opposite), I take an herbal CleanseSmart detox supplement (there's a morning and night one) that works well for me.

Some people here might take Zelnorm... I don't know much about it, though.

Sorry you're dealing with this!! ;)

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If you're having problems with your stomach slowing down, which many of us have, then you actually want to stay away from fiber because it takes a long time to empty out of your stomach. Do a google search on gasteoparesis and you can find some good diets that help with slow gastric emptying.

I believe -the common prescriptions are Zelnorm, Reglan and sometimes Domperidone (which is not available in the US)

If you also have nausea, the second two often help with this.

I stay away from fiber, seeds and nuts and sometimes have to go to a liquid diet for a few days. Boost is good and Instant Breakfast is good if you can tolerate either of these. When I'm really bad I really like Ginger Ale and Ginger Tea.

Hope this helps a bit.


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I get the slowed digestion and bloating in the stomach too. Taking digestive enzymes often helps me with this problem. I also have to belch a lot (I know, lovely, huh?) in order to relieve the pressure. That helps too! ;)

For slowness in the bowels, I take the Cleanse Smart supplement that Lucky Charm mentioned. It works great for me too.

Hope you find relief soon.


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I had the same problem and found Domperidone to work extremely well for me. Long term use of things like Reglan was not advised by my gastroenterologist. Domperidone is available in the states through any compounding pharmacy. I have one within a couple of miles of my home here in Richmond (Hi Lukkychrm42!) and I get it in liquid form as needed. Worked wonders for me in the past.

Hope you feel better soon.

South River Compounding Pharmacy Midlothian, Virginia

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Actually, I have just come about something that has really worked for me so far. Knock on wood. I just wanted to lose that sickening feeling of your stomach going to burst...so I started serving myself less food at each meal. It was tough at first but I am starting to get the hang of it. For example: I will use a child's plate and put a serving on that. Once I finish that plate, I wait AT LEAST 5 minutes to give my stomach a head start. If I am still hungry, I'll have another plate- but not a heaping serving...a small one again. Lately, I think my stomach is getting the hang of it because after those 5 minutes, often times...I'm full and don't need another serving. Let me know if this helps anyone!


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