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Dr. David Burkhardt

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I went on the Cleveland clinic website and decided to request an appt. I said I wanted a cardiologist and they sent me an email for an appt. with Dr. Burkhardt. Am I on the right track? Should I have gotten a different kind of doctor?

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The POTS specialist at CC is Dr. Fouad, she's the one that does the TTT and other testing. I personally have never heard of Dr. Burkhardt, BUT that doesn't necessarily mean anything. He could be one of the best 'hidden' doctors at CC. Dr. Foaud is great at dx'g, but not so great with her follow-up.

I looked up Dr. Burkhardt up on the CCF web-site and he is a specialist in electrophysiology, so he might be a great choice.

Have you already had a TTT? When's your appt? Let us know how you like him.


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My appt. is June 2. I didn't get a choice to request a certain dr. The website just had me give a field, so I put in cardiology and told them in the memo that I had been told that I had IST, but from my research I thought it was POTS.

I had a tilt table test done at Lexington around a month ago but I don't think they did it right and I found out later that the dr. is not covered by my insurance. Dr. Burkhardt is. I don't even know any of the results of my tests yet. I'm supposed to get them when I see the other dr. May 12. I may not go back to him though, and have the results transferred to Burkhardt.

The bad thing is that it's about a 5 hour drive for me, so I wanted to see if he is any good.

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