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One Thing We All Can Do

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Hi everyone,

One thing we all can do to raise awareness of dysautonomia is to fill out a "Request to Buy" form for Dr. Grubb's "The Fainting Phenomenon" book at out local library. The book is geared toward patients and has the basics on many types of dysautonomia. Most libraries will order books you request...I do it for my patrons all the time. Getting this book into libraries will ensure that people looking up fainting will learn about dysautonomia.

And the best part is that we can all do this for free!


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Do they have those forms at the library? Or should I just call and ask to speak to a librarian? Just wondering--as I don't see a form for that on our library website and I can't physically go to the library.

I never thought about doing that! Thanks!

Just needed a little more direction as far as who to talk to at the 'braire.


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Hi Emily,

All libraries should have a form you can fill out to request the purchase of books. These are different from Interloan forms, in which your library borrows the book from another library for you.

Em, if you can't get to the library, the library may be able to come to you. Many libraries have Outreach programs for the homebound, and they will deliver books right to your door. You should be able to request books through the Outreach program, just as you would be able to if you physically walked into the library.

Here is information straight from the publisher of The Fainting Phenomenon:



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Hi Michelle!

I actually am so blessed with books on tape--

I have service through the library for the blind


through our local library's "homebound books by mail"--i just signed up for this program--and so far the woman in charge seems a bit 'dippy' about getting the books to me that i request. but we'll see! it will work out. in the summer, my mom can pick stuff up for me that i put on hold.

they are both amazing and wonderful services and i am so grateful for them.


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