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Uptight About Ssdi Doctor Appointment!

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Well I am very worried about my SSDI doctor appointment on Friday. I know it going to go how ever they want I just want to get approved on the first time. This is going on 5 months. I know I should be happy I got a doctor appointment on the first try, and not the big "deinal" right off the bat, but I still so worried I am going to get it. I have heard to many bad things that I am really worried.

Does anyone know or been though one of these "doctor appointments"? How was it? How long did it take?

Well please say a prayer, or keep me in your thoughts I really need this to go thought!

Thank you so much!


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I would recommend you print some info off of this site about POTS as well as some articles from Dr. Low or Dr. Robertson or Dr. Grubb from pub med to take with you to your appt.

Copy whatever you print off and also mail a copy directly to your social security office return receipt requested. Keep the original for your file.

I would also write a list of your symptoms down and how they prevent you from working.

Your Dr and anyone reviewing your claim needs not only your diagnosis but why your symptoms keep you from sitting, standing, bending, lifting, reading etc. (exactly how your symptoms prevent you from working).

Having an illness or condition alone does not determine eligibility for soc sec. but rather how your symptoms prevent you from working is really what they want to know.


This may be a good article for you to print from pub med From Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology

The Postural Tachycardia Syndrome

A Concise Guide to Diagnosis and Management

Posted 02/07/2006

Blair P. Grubb, M.D.; Yousuf Kanjwal, M.D.; Daniel J. Kosinski, M.D.

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