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I have been on prozac, effexor and lexapro in the past. They didn't seem to do anything but I did gain 40#.

My doctor insisted last week that I go on an SSRI because of my depression. I tried cymbalta for a week but my

pupils dilated and wouldn't constrict with light so I had to wear sunglasses and I also got bad stomach pains.

So, yesterday I started Celexa(it's nice because you can break the tablets in half). He wants me on 20mg, I started on 5 mg yesterday.

I have a stomachache and feel jittery. I know these side effects will go away because they did with prozac and

effexor. I need you to tell me the side effects will go away and it will be worth it.

I feel so hyper now I just want it out of my system.

Any encouragment is appreciated.

Dawn :P

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It took two weeks for those edgy side effects to pass...

Hey, that's weird about your pupils. I've been sick the past few days--and today I noticed how huge my pupils were. It made it hard to drive b/c I don't have rx sunglasses. I take lexapro...and I wrote a post a few days back that my doc wants me to switch to cymbalta b/c it's supposed to help with pain.


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Hi Dawn,

I have been on celexa for a little over a year, I started at 20mg and then went up to 40 mg. I take it for depression and b/c supposedly SSRI's help with dysautonomia. I have been lucky and haven't had any side effects, but I do know that generally people lose weight with this drug, not gain although b/c I am on florinef my weight hasn't changed. Good luck and I hope this helps a little!

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