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A Question About Heart Rate

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I know many have times when their heart rate is nice while sitting and then times when it is high at rest.

Is that a dysautonomia symptom?

How much should ones pulse increase upon standing,,is there a normal amount? If at rest you are 75 is 10bpm normal on standing?

Is ones heart rate variable throughout the day? What I mean is if you are sitting all day would you still expect to see it change from the 70's to the 80's etc...to change during the day?

Anyone know? I tried searching on the www, but really found nothing that pointed to what a normal increase is.

I tend to either be in the mid 70's then jump up to 90's on standing or sitting in 90s and jump into the 100's on standing and that is with a beta blocker.

Curious in NY..... :)

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I would not put too much infasis on heart rate. There are a lot of chemicals involved too. I know my heart rate can be at 80 or 90 sitting (instead of 60) and I will feel perfectly horrible. a 20 beat jump from that when I stand and I feel even worse.

a 20 beat jump when it is beating hard makes me feel terrible and a 60 beat jump when I can hardly find my pulse is horrible in a different way.

When I stand up and feel good, rare!, my heart rate only goes up 5 or 6 beats and then quickly settles back down to where it started.

My impression is that most people increase >10 when they stand. I know that is what it is for me.

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I agree with hmichel. My HR is pretty much all over the place. It isn't much better now than when I first got POTS, but I feel better and can do a lot more. Then there are also the days when I feel awful and my HR is "normal." No rules here, I guess... :)

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I was just re-listening to the conference tapes from NDRF's 2000 conference the past few days and they stated that really any change between 10-15bpm upon standing is normal. 20-25bpm would be slightly abnormal but not enough, by itself to be considered a problem.

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