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Leg Pain!

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Ok, my legs are killing me. I have noticed alot of people's site list pain meds, is this for leg pain? My arms feel achy at night, but the legs are the killers. My feet also feel like I've been walking on hot sand and tingly and swollen, I can not find a comfy shoe. The only shoes I ever had that didn't make my feet and legs worse were slip on flip flop types that were so old I looked like a freak, and if I even got near a drop of water i would almost slip, had many major oopsies. One day I tripped over something I don't even know what and fell on my front stoop with a big scraped knee, big boo boo. Big crybaby. :) They finally fell apart and got trashed now the only thing I can wear out is old slip on sketchers, even slippers around the house don't help much. Guess its another question for the doc. I do have tramadol which I find myself taking more and more, Just one pill at night, though. Just curious as to what pain others have. I did do some gardening and weeding yesterday and today and cleaned tub and shower last week, so that probly set it off. Dx with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia before pots.

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Are you wearing compression hose? I had leg pain for years, it was so bad I had to take pain meds every day just to function. I found out a few months ago the pain I thought was my Fibromyalgia, was really vascular pain from blood pooling in my legs. Now that I wear compression hose all the time, my leg pain has lessened.

I still have days where the Fibro pain is pretty bad, but with the hose and my other treatments for POTS, the vascular pain has gotten better.

- Lauren

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Hello Iaila, I to get the most incredible leg pains at night.

The pain is so intense it brakes through my painkillers and has over the past five years got worse and worse until now its across the base of my spine, across my hips , down my outer thighs into my knees down my shins and into my ankles, feet and toes. My knees swell up something terrible and I look most strange ! B) I also get this bright red rash all over my legs like small bright red pimples !

I do not sleep now most nights as when I lay on one side it attacks there, so I move onto the back ....yep its there....other side..... so all night I'm trying to move around the bed. Trouble is I'm stiff with it !

But its the constant pain ....................sometimes when its been really 'hair pulling, want to scream ' bad I put a patch on and have three days of heaven ................. :) but I dont want to become addicted to morphine so those days are few and rare at the minute.

Sorry your having problems to , keep your chin up and remember this.................I've been like this for over 35 years now and if I can still smile and act like a crazy granny .....well the sky's the limit for you.

God bless and kindest regards Willows..........always there if you need a natter .

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my joint/muscle pains became worse with use of beta blockers...and also leg swelling incresed with their use:(

compression hose===cannot bear to be without them on!

got to find right style for you tho'....and mine are thigh highs....===the best!

so comfortable!

can't state brand name here....so please PM me if you'd llike to know!

[by prescription only....not OTC'S]



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One of my stranger diagnoses is peripheral vascular disease. Have you see a vascular doctor? I had very similar symptoms before my doctor ran some tests. My blood pressure in my legs is/was consistently 30 pts. higher than my arms and they would hurt so bad!!! Hope you get some answers and respite soon!


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