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Update On Jeff From Michigan Jan


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I have had some emails from members of this forum asking how my husband, Jeff, is doing with his cancer, so decided to post an update now.

Jeff just finished his 19th round of chemo. He has had stable disease for several months now, meaning he has 4 liver tumors and either a lymph node or part of the original tumor that still shows active cancer on his PET scan. The status of these cancers have not changed much in the last 6 months. After his very first round of 3 chemos, his cancer shrank considerably, but has been stable since then.

This means the chemo is holding it but not gaining on it. So we appreciate all those who continue to pray for us.

Now he has weekly chemo, every Friday. Right now he has a really bad rash on his face, neck, top of head, and chest and he has many little cuts on all his fingers. This is caused by the erbitux (one of his chemo drugs).

In 2 more weeks he will have another CT scan to evaluate how the erbitux (his latest chemo addition) has worked. At that time, we will reevaluate whether he is a candidate to recieve an new treatment for liver tumors that involves placing plastic spheres that carry radiation into his liver tumors via a guided angiogram. If the current chemo has reduced the cancer that is not in the liver and only the liver tumors remain, we will likely do this 2 months after quitting the erbitux (which cannot be used at the same time the spheres are given).

As I am writing this, he is out in the garage on a ladder painting the walls. He has moved everything in the garage in order to paint, and hung new pegboard, and is reorganizing everything. I am happy he has a project he can do and that he feels well enough to do it. He is even painting the garage 2 tone with chair rail where the two colors meet. My! we will certainly have a spiffy garage!

I have been able to work in the yard quite a bit which I couldn't do the last few years because of my severe sun sensitivity. I do not know if it is because it has been so cool and overcast here or if the sensitivity is a little better. Keep your fingers crossed that I can still go out once Summer really gets here.

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I am so grateful you took the time to update us. You are both always in my thoughts.

I think perhaps you passed your sun sensitivity my way?? hehe. I'm so glad that you are able to work in the yard some! I also just read your allergy post and am thinking I may need to add more to my regimen so I can actually go outside for a bit and recline without getting so sick!

It sounds like your husband is still able to enjoy some things that bring him joy, despite the heavy duty treatments he has been through. That is really amazing. I hope that he will be able to continue doing things/projects he enjoys. I did laugh a little though at your comment about a 'spiffy garage'.

I continue to admire the way you have both faced such a heartbreaking and difficult situation. The grace with which you face each day together is beautiful. I just listened to an interview with the author of the Lovely Bones and she was talking about how it was possible to hold "hope and ****' in the palm of your hand at the same time. I thought, how fitting that is when we are faced with such difficult situations.

My best friend's mom was just diagnosed with cancer--primary source unknown--and had two huge tumors in her brain removed. I find that I so many times am reminded of you and Jeff and how you handle things when I am speaking to her and trying to be there for her.

Thanks for checking in with us....

Healing thoughts to you both,


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Jan, thanks for taking the time to update us all... and I hope that Jeff continues to do at least this well, if not even better in the future. :) Hugs to you both. Nina

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