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One Important Lesson..re: Bubblegum And 5 Year Old


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Ok so my daughter had bubble gum sunday evening and we went into get a shower ( we co-shower...it is faster, easier etc.) Anyway, at the end I always give her my toothbrush to brush her teeth with and then she has a game of spitting out toothpaste foam all over my tummy.

Well mommy was not feeling good...it was a shower after all. So I was sitting down and handed it all to her, forgetting about the bubble gum in her mouth...

So I finally noticed that the toothbrush looked really weird, when she had removed it to spit foam on my tummy again. Then I remembered the bubble gum...which by this point was all imbeded in the toothrbrush and also smeared all over my tummy....

OH GOOD.... So then I am trying to make sure it isnt on her, then the hot water runs out. Then I am trying to basically peel all the tiny hairs off my tummy which are now well glued together in the cold water...

yup....every day ya learn something new.... No bubblegum in the shower...New rule!

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Good lesson, sorry you had to learn the hard way. Here's another one- absolutely no silly putty in bed- ever. Let the lessons of others teach you!


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