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Anyone have any ideas on how to feel "better"?


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My son has had a cold all weekend, and I've been dreading it because I know that it's coming my way next- I can already feel my throat getting scratchy and my nose is runny. Does anyone have any suggestions on things I might do to feel better with the POTS while I'm sick? I get hit so hard with everything that my family gets, and I always wonder what I could do to help myself. I usually try to increase the salt and fluids, but this doesn't really seem to help when it's a viral thing.

Also, what kind of cold meds do you take, if any? I use Benadryl, but it knocks me out and doesn't really help with the symptoms.

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If it were me, I'd get started on the Zicam swaps. You use them on the inside of your nose the minute you feel the cold coming on. I've used them and think their great.

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Zicam should be in the cold rememdy section of any major pharmacy. They have them here at Target, CVS and Walgreens.

When I have a cold, I take CoQ10 and extra vitamin C and E. Other than that, I try to get extra sleep and drink plenty of fluids. Lastly, I rinse my sinuses with saline--not one of those tiny spray things, but an actual RINSE system -- there are a few of them out there, currently, I'm using NeilMed's sinus rinse system, but I've also used SaltAire. Both are available at varios places online. I mix my own isotonic solution using warm water, salt and baking soda.


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