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Favorite/best Dr.'s In Cleveland Area


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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have a Dr. that they can see on a more regular basis? We see Dr. Grubb/Beverly twice a year--( and we know how fortunate we are to have him as a Dr. ) but lately Chrissy is needing someone more often. Chrissy's pediatrician kept hinting around to us that Chrissy should see an 'adult' Dr. (OK, so what if she's 20 :( ), anyway, this new Dr. is only good for the basics, sinus infections, colds, etc. It would be so nice to have someone else who understands, that we wouldn't have to wait weeks/months to see.

I've looked in previous posts some of the Dr.'s you've mentioned......Dr. Amer Alsheklee at UH, Dr. Chaneli at CC, Dr. Hanna at Metrohealth and Dr. Robert Shields. Do any of you still see any of them?How easy is it to get an appt. with them and what is their understanding of POTS?



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hi patti -

the posts you've read mentioning dr. shields (at cleveland clinic) were probably mine. i've also since seen dr. chelimsky (at UH).

i've seen dr. shields five times or so since october, the last time being this past monday. the first appt is a bit longer of a wait but after that the wait is no longer than 2 months or so (give or take.) i do like him, he's quite timely, i've never felt rushed with him, etc. and he sends his clinic notes to patients after the appointment.....i wish all my docs did that. from the parenting side of things, my mom has been to 2 appts with me & also thinks he's a great guy.

BUT...that said, i honestly cannot tell you how he is with "POTS" per se. i've been in a different category since i've been seeing him & increasingly so. i'm much more intriguing to neurologists these days than i would have been 5 years ago when my predominant symptoms were "just" HR & BP related. (all my records from dr. shields have my diagnosis as autonomic failure.)

i'm only saying this b/c i really don't know if he's interested/willing/good with the entire dysautonomia population and don't want to give you inapplicable info. normally i would recommend perhaps calling & asking to speak with his nurse to get a feel for things but she just had a baby & is out so i don't know who would be best to speak with. the folks that answer the phone aren't the most helpful/effective.

another thing...he definitely does NOT have the ego that is sometimes associated with the clinic and/or specialists in general (and that i have encountered at times). he acknowledges that he doesn't know everything or have all of the answers and is fine with having other docs in the picture (dr. grubb & even another local autonomic neuro now for me - dr. chelimsky).

i've only seen dr. chelimsky once but my mom & i both liked him as well. he also spent a lot of time with us but i know that his next appointments aren't until at least november. he's much harder to get in with...both initially & for follow-ups.

each of the docs has a bit of a different slant on things but not contradictory. the reason i ended up seeing dr. c in addition to dr. s had nothing to do with my not liking dr. shields but rather b/c my GI doc works with dr. chelimsky & after my recent hospitalization it just made sense to at least see him. especially b/c of the advantage of having some autonomic doc in the picture in the UH system since i have several docs there as well.

after a good deal of effort i have found decent docs in the area in most of the specialties i need at the moment so if anything else specific comes up i may have other names to pass on. my primary is the only one that i'm still not sold on b/c i just had to switch again in the last month after my original doc was continuously impossible to get in to see....i couldn't get an appointment for over 8 weeks after my recent hospital stay which is unacceptable to me, especially since it's been an ongoing issue. i really liked her too but if i can't get in to see her.....so i've seen my new one only once - a nurse practitioner/doc partnership actually - & while i think it may work i have a hard time trusting after only one time. i go again tomorrow so am keeping my fingers crossed.

okay...that's enough of my ramblings for now. let me know if you have any more questions...i'd be happy to chat with you &/or chrissy. looking forward to (hopefully) meeting you both in the next few months too...

:( melissa

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Guest Belinda

I too Saw Dr.Alsheklee he workes under Chelmisky and I too see him in Westlake..real easy and convienent and not too long to get in to him..let me know if oyu need info. Belinda

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