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Maoi: Anyone Here Try Any?

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I'm almost TOO high- I've managed almost no work all day. I can't sit still. I feel quite 'high' because I managed to ride my bike and get about with no tachy today, but I don't feel quite myself.

I just wondered if any of you have taken any MAOIs and had it help pots and your mood?

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MAOI's are rarely given to people anymore here that I'm aware of. There MANY restrictions with them, alcohol being a huge no no. Their are a lot of diet restrictions and drug interactions. I would recommend you look up the drug you are taking and talk to your doctor about it.

I have never seen anyone on one, the whole time I was a nurse or since. I believe they were taken off the market for awhile. I am not really very familiar with them, but know they do have a lot of potential side effects and interactions. morgan

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