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Hida Scan..


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Hi guys. I saw a new GP today and she was awesome!! I gave her a DINET brochure and she was very interested in learning more about this condition. She even has another patient with POTS...apparently they just live down here part time..but even so the doctor was at leaste a little familiar with it.

I told her about the GI problems I've been having and those severe episodes of pain and vomitting..my ultrasound was clear so I asked if I could get a HIDA scan...she was very receptive and I have the test scheduled for Friday morning.

I'm a little nervous about the test and what the results might lead to but I've been reading through a lot of older posts on this subject and I feel a little better about everything.

I wanted to thank you all...with all of your past experiences and support I don't feel as alone in all of this. :(

Love to you all!

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Good luck with your Hida Scan!! You are so lucky to have a doctor willing to listen to you. I had a Hida scan and my gallbladder out five years ago. Not to scare you or anything, but for me the Hida Scan hurt like none other, because my gall bladder didn't empty pretty much at all. When mine was taken out it was filled with sludge, and my body had been trying to hide it by layering it with fat. I hope that you get some answers!


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I am a bit worried about the pain involved...it seems a lot of you have had a rough experience with this test. How long does the pain last?

I don't know what I'm going to do if this test triggers an attack for me..during these episodes I can't stay still and last time I vomitted :(:) .

Will there be someone in there with me to help if I have to get sick?

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For me, I had already been admitted into the hospital by my GI due to extreme pain, so I got pain meds right afterwards. I was only 12 at the time so my mom was there with me to comfort me. It was really hard not being able to move, as with my attacks I would automatically curl up into a ball. I can't remember much other than it really hurt, as my gb didn't empty at all, so after they injected the stuff mine continued to get larger and larger. As far as the vomitting, it didn't make me puke but I do remember there being at least one tech maybe more.

How long have you been having these suspected gb problems? It took six weeks for me to get a diagnosis, my mom would take me to the ER and they would tell her that I was constipated (a symptom of gb dysfunction). So I was on heavy pain meds, by the time I was diagnosed I ended with gastric ulcers from all of the pain meds. I also was unable to eat anything but soup as anything else would trigger an attack so that probably contributed to the ulcers.

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Hey Stella..it sounds like you had a tramatic test! I'm so sorry you had to go through that at such a young age. I guess I've been having problems for 5 weeks now. I've had 2 "attacks"..one a month ago and one last Friday.

Lois..thanks for the reminder! :) I checked my order and it says HIDA scan with CCK...is that what I need to get?

I take it those of you who have had this test didn't have a very good experience...I was just wanting to know what to expect and if I was going to get sick if I needed to forwarn the people in radiology or if they would be prepared for it. :(

Love to you all

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The doctor's orders for the HIDA scan with CKK are correct.

I was already in the hospital for severe dehydration and severe diarhhea. I had only mild pain before I had my gall bladder surgery.

A few nights before in the hospital I was having what I thought werechest pains. The cardiologist did an ekg and that was ok...of course it was, I had a pacer.

When I had the HIDA scan when they did the CKK part, I got similar pains.

I did not find the test bad except for having to lay in one position for a while. I have this little trick to keep my mind off during situations like this. I am an avid Scrabble player. I try to find a word usually on a piece of medical equipment. With that word, I then try in my mind to make as many words as possible. I do this "game" during dental treatment. It also helped me get through breast radiation...I found the word Centraliteon one piece of equipment. For 34 sessions (one a day), I continued to work on this game of mine and mind. It really helped me through it.

Perhaps my friends here have developed other tricks that help them get through these situations.

Good luck!


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I am sooo late chiming in here but i am extremely grateful that you are getting the HIDA with CCK done--that should tell you if it is the 'ol GB or not. I did not have a full blown attack during or after the scan (with the vomiting, etc) but it did set off pain and a miserable cycle until I could get in for surgery.

If you want more gory details of my attacks (which sound a lot like yours), etc. etc. you know they're here on the board so I won't ramble! hahhahahahah.

Anyways, please let us know how if goes and if it is the 'ol GB. Maybe you could start calling around NOW for surgeons in town that you would want to consult and who people trust. Then, you would be ready to go and get in for surgery?

If it's not your gallbladder, well, we'll all have to put our thinking caps back on, eh?

Love, Em

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Hey guys...I made it through the test..Yay!! It really wasn't so bad...I didn't have really any pain..just some major nausea when the CCK was injected but it passed quickly. I think the worst part was being so weak from not being able to eat or drink anything before....then having to lay still so long.

You were right Lois..that was a lot harder than I thought it would be..I tried to find words to break down like your scrabble suggestion but there was only one that I could see on the machine and I had to strain my neck to see it! It's just as well though b/c I'm a horrible speller! ;)

The guy doing my test did stream music through his computer for me so the time went a little faster and my mom stayed back there with me. I have been feeling fairly yucky since the test...I'm really hoping to get some rest this weekend and praying that I don't have any more "attacks". We should know the results by Monday.

Em..It's so good to see you posting a little more..how are you feeling hon?

I went back and looked at all the old post re: your gallbladder saga and it was VERY helpful! I've been meaning to send you a message for awhile..I hope things are starting to go better for you! :)

Thanks again to you all for your help and support!

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