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Soooo Glad To Be Home!

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Ugh I'm SOOOOO glad to finally be home!! I was up in Rhode Island (we went up on Easter, after ALREADY having to postpone the trip two days) this week, and on Thursday, after going up to New Hampshire to see my baby cousin for the day I ended up in a HORRIBLE POTS hole! I had to go to the ER on Friday (we were supposed to fly home on Saturday), and I was so sick I couldn't leave. We had to stay until Tuesday night, and even then (my dad had already returned home) my mom had to rent a van and it took us two days to make the 6 1/2 hour trip. Yuck! Thanks for letting me rant - I just feel so triumphant having finally gotten home!

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Glad you are home, hopefully now you are going to feel better.

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