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Restarted Flornief

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Well I stopped mestinon since I still feel no benefits. I decided to give Flornief a try again but this time with potassium thanks to some great advise.

I am doing alright on it. I can only take .1 mg because everytime I move to .2 I get a migriane. So the doc said to just stay at .1 for now.

I guess it's helping with the dizziness but it's only been a week and 1/2 so maybe I'll get more results later.

I can drive again which makes my husbands life alittle easier along with mine.


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I just recently started florinef too - its been about 2 weeks, and when I was in the ER they said my potassium was a little low - yet another thing my doctor failed to tell me when I started taking it, so I also increased my potassium by eating an extra banana a day :) Are you taking a suppliment or just eating more food with potassium?? My doctor also said nothing abot salt intake - did they tell you to increase/decrease salt?

Glad you are feeling better and can drive, I am still working up the nerve!

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I was started on Florinef about 3 weeks ago, and I can't really tell if it's doing anything! I was just in the ER two days ago, though, and my Potassium was ALSO really low, even though I'm already TAKING Potassium supplements! I'm allergic to bananas, so that's out... I guess I'm going to have to take even MORE Potassium!

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I have been on florinef for over a decade now... I have been on a dose of .1 mg/day but now am only taking .05mg/day. Even with that low dose I must take a Rx K (potassium) supplement of 40 MEQ daily.

I also eat bananas, tomatoes and potatoes as a good source of extra K.

Be very careful with your K levels when you are on florinef, it will affect your heart rate.

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