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Guest Belinda

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Guest Belinda

Went to see the famous doc. and well my stats were potsy( of course) and he looked in the ears and up my nose as most of oyu know my irritating nose throbs and throat spasms. He said "Do you have allergies?" I said nope not that I know of..well you do now he said my nasal passages were so swollen they were completely shut...might I remind oyu I have seen an ENT twice in the last two months who said nothing.

Then he looked in my ears(hospitalized for labrynthitis last month for a week) and said well I can see in the ear I couldn't in Toledo and you have a perforation in your eardrum tht was recent. B) I must have went to a real bugger of an ENT. He thinks my eustachian tubes are more like achilds and don't drain as well. Via the ear infections..I am a cleaning freak abnout my ears..not that it matters.

So anyways the Doc. believes that I need allergy therapy and defintely work on controlling my periods. I had about a week or two good and now BAM..back to the same old weakness,dizzies, and discomfort in the nose and throat.

So I am going back on Mestinon(baby doses),staying on FLorinef 0.1bid, and the as needed drugs. And allergy stuff.

I am back in myh Pothole and I truly believe it is hormonal..must be those phermones Julie.. :)

Hope this finds you all okay as can be...hugs,


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BEE those ENT's you've seen need a real kick in the pants to not have noticed waht was giong on with your nose swelling and you perifiated (SP??lol) ear drum.. it amazes me how much docs over SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!

I'm glad that you appointment went well .. and gosh darn it Bee keep your "phermones" to your self!! lol--Kidding!!

take care dear.. and i hope that you feel better from the period blues soon k!!



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Bummer that you have allergies. It's been really bad here in NJ--I just saw my doc today for my wacky taste and smell problems, and she told me it was my allergies. I'm on a ton of allergy meds, and I'm still all junked up.

Wow, reading about your ENT who apparently is in need of vision correction, I had a flash back to 20 years ago, when an ENT told me 1) I didn't have allergies and 2) I didn't have a deviated septum. Uh, yeah. Wrong on two counts buster! I finally had sinus surgery a few years ago, and it did help a bit.

Punctured eardrum! Holy smokes girl!!! No wonder you were feeling like heck and the world was spinning. It's hard to believe that one doctor could miss SO MANY diagnoses... but then again... big sigh...

Anyway, maybe this will be the start of a better time for you as you get some treatment for all your nose and ear issues!


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Hey Belinda,

I was thinking of you today...glad you got to the root of some of your probs..

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It ***** it took so long to figure this out but hopefully things will get better from here on out. I would write a letter of complaint to your first ENT. If he would have been more attentive than maybe you wouldn't have to be suffering for so long.

Sorry your back in a pothole. I was hoping you would get a good long break. I'll be home around 8:00 tonight if you need to talk.

Hang in there


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Hi there! Sorry your dork of an ENT couldn't figure all that out for you, but glad someone else did!

Hopefully you can get out of the POTS hole soon.. :)

I had a perforated ear drum when I was 8- are you going to see someone to schedule the surgery? I don't really remember much except missing even more school and getting to go one day just for our 2nd grade Thanksgiving party, but apparently there was lots of pain before the surgery... are you hanging in there? :angry:

Good luck!!

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Guest Julia59

Hey Belinda!

Hormones can really do a number on you-----usually makes my POTS worse.

Sometimes I get surprized and I don't get worse, but most of the time I can tell two weeks in advance.

But the weird thing is that my periods have never changed---always every 28 days---sometimes a couple days early----and this has been since I started. My progesterone levels have been low for years---and I used to ask my PCP if that could cause some of my symptoms---and she blew me off. This was before I knew what POTS was.

I imagine having those ear infections didn't help your POTS issues. This POTS stuff is tricky business---isn't it----- :)

I'm glad your starting a small dose of mestinon---verses the reg. dose----you just don't want to stir the POT-------POTS----he, he, he--------------don't mind me---i'm a bit goofy today.

I may mention that to Dr. Grubb on my next appointment---trying mestinon---might help with this weakness.

Good luck with getting those allergies under control------------------that ENT---well, what was going on in that mind of theirs---------uggg, scary isn't it????????????


Julie :0)

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