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A Mini Rant

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I just got back from the grocery store (hence the title- haha), and I'm really pissed off, but there's no one home to share with and you can feel free to add your own rants to this if you read it.

The grocery store I go to often has the seated carts available (one of 2 reasons I go there), and since today was so hot and the store huge I decided to use one again. (They keep the keys behind the customer service desk in the middle of the store, by the way, which *****!) I sat down and it looked powered up and clear so I head on out of there, but it went about 2 feet and stopped. Then it died and so I struggled to get out of it (with my seat cane, by the way) and saw that two baggers and a customer were headed for me, and I was blocking the door. I tried to push it back, but couldn't- super dizzy at this point and weak. Slumping over the chair, I apologized and said that I couldn't move it. not to mention the fact that I was having such difficulty that i looked like a complete moron. Two baggers and the customer stood there, *ROLLED THEIR EYES* and stared at me, waiting to move the super heavy scooter out of their way! I saw the customer give me a dirty look, and the 2 baggers, whom I've seen before on many occasions both with the seat cane and in the chair, said "EXCUSE ME" and I eventually managed to move it enough so they could get past, and then they rushed past and muttered "finally." -Not only did they not offer to help me, or move it for me, but clearly they saw a young woman who ought to have been perfectly healthy, and then treated me like dirt.

I know it's not a really big deal, but I felt humiliated, and then I felt worse because I realized that no one else would 'get it' or care, and that I was just 'making a big deal out of it.'

Anyway- thanks for letting me vent, and feel free to add on your own experiences!!

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I feel for you....I would put in a complaint to the store most definately. There are many disabilities out there that people have and you can't always tell by looking at someone. You should try calling and talking to the store manager.


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An absolute disgrace. Do put in a complaint. I have had similar experiences- it's because our illness is often invisible- we don't have anything VISIBLY apparent- like a missing arm or something similar!

People are SO ignorant.

My absolute best was last time I went to the shops in my wheelchair. My flatmate Melissa wheeled me to the supermarket to buy some food and some wine for a dinner we were having and the staff gave HER back my credit card- even though I had paid for everything. They treated me like I was completely retarded.

There's something about shops and people who work in them. I think next time you go in and get a working scooter, you should run over the feet of the staff who were off with you today, and say "ooops- sorry? did I hurt you?" and then cackle as you speed away from the scene of the crime B)

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Hi Megan~

Sorry to hear that you had to put up with that bs. I don't go in the store anymore I sit in the car, but I have my own wheelchair. Before getting a wheelchair about two years ago I was at the store with my mom and little sister, I was in one of those carts and one of the staff members asked me why I was using it... It certainly didn't look like I had a broken leg. I told her the truth, and she seemed embarassed when I told her.

Along the lines of rude people...

I was at the museum last November viewing the Eygptian Exhibit with my family. I would be reading information, and people would actually push my wheelchair out of the way, I mean I know that I'm tall, but I'm not that tall. I confronted all of the people and all of them except one were remoursful. The one guy actually did it again after I called him out on it, needless to say I ran into him. That will teach him, I hope.

Unfortunately we are going to have to deal with ignorant people for most of our lives. To qoute Debbie for all of you who are not members of DYNA... "Everyone has the right to be stupid, some just abuse the privilege."


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I kind of know the feeling I was waiting in my car for a handycap spot, and was wait for them to pack up, ( mind you my handycap tag is alread up on my mirror, and this old man cuts around me and pulls into the spot. I had to take a spot about 20 spaces down as they where very busy. I had to put my son on my lap, and I had to roll in my wheel chair all that way. I think it when it happens you just get so mad, and most people don't care or even feel guilty. The other thing that I hate is the person that wants to know your hole life story because to are in a wheelchair. Like o' did you hurt your leg, or what wrong with you..... I think that bothers me more then anything else. I use to try to say I have POTS, and they look at you like you are crasy so now if the ask if I hurt my leg or whatever the ask I am just like yup. and go on my way. Maybe that wrong but I get so mad somtimes at dumb people.

Sorry for venting!


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I live in a small area so I usually run into people I know.. and they want to chat well I just can't stand that long. You know you have only so much time till the bp drops. and then I do.

If I knew who the baggers were after I complained to management "constructively, because your worried about the stores reputation" I would get one of the chairs that worked, and stalk those suckers down. Mow. Ooops! Take that cane and "accidently" knock over the fruit displays. You could have a lot of fun with this.Every shopping trip could be an adventure.

For the morons who ask what you have wrong my favorite is "a brain tumor" or Syphillis.. That shuts them up. Moves them along.

The people at stores used to ignore my gram when she was shopping in a chair with me behind. So I would load the conveyor belt give her the check and wait behind the bag boy. forces them to look you in the face if when you hand over the check, money or cards you hold onto it tight as they take it from your hand so they almost have to tug of war. Or you can always bring quarters and pay realllll slow.

Still have that same bag boy? Note what ever is on the furthest wall of the store and say in the check out lane"Oh I forgot to get ________." Bagboy has to walk back and get it and then say, Oh you know I already have that. Never mind" and smile big. (hopefully not a lot of people behind you).

The parking lot is just not a good situation. I really don't know what to do with that. You can always put vasoline on the door handle. It comes in lip tubes so you don't need a jar. There is also something called car chalk. its kind of like shoe polish only it doesn't damage the car. You find it in the car dept of stores like walmart. it fits in your purse. you can leave a little message. Saran wrapping the vehicle just takes too much energy.

yes I have teenagers.

I'd hate to think what would happen to the stores insurance if you all have an accident because of their carts causing you injury. might want to remind management that.:-)

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The only time I used the motorized carts was when I was pregnant. I kept going into labor if I stood for any length of time (not sure if that could be POTS related) and at the time it was when I first had the POTS symptoms. I felt faint all the time but I had to get my shopping done some how. My husband made me use the cart (didn't want to go back to the ER) and I felt that I needed to too.

I had people looking at me but not really saying anything. But the glares said enough. I saw someone I knew as well and her daughter happened to be pregnant too. She told me that her daughter needed to walk around because it was better for her. Can you guess what she ment by that coment?

Now I have people look at me as if I'm making it up when I tell them what my symptoms are or if I grab the wall or cart or whatever because I get dizzy spells (I will fall if I don't grab something). Or they tell me " your to young to be feeling like that "


You should have just walked away and let them take care of the chair. ( I know too late now) But you can pretend you did. :)


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Thanks, guys, for your support! I'm definitely feeling better now.

I'm used to the stares from other customers, waiting to be able to get through somewhere, and waiting in a LONG line for the only accessible checkout counter, which isn't always open BTW, but I had already had experienced these two particular baggers staring during previous visits.. one of them helped my mom and me out to the car last week and was pummeling my mom with questions like "what's that (seat cane) for?" "Why does she need it?" "Does she see a doctor for that?" "Which doctor does she see?" "How's her blood pressure? (My mom, ever-the-polite-and-unoffensive one, was trying to give evasive answers without being rude (still unloading bags at this point so couldn't just drive off!), and mentioned that I'm being treated by a great cardiologist- so if I'm seeing a cardiologist it must be because I've got hypertension, right? :):angry: ) and more, and defnitely not out of curiosity.

The thing is, the grocery store often hires people with mental disabilities, which I think is great- and I think this guy is one such employee. So he probably wasn't meaning to be so rude, and I didn't feel that I could be (too much like my mom).

I checked out the website and their doesn't seem to be a customer service e-mail addy, and I would NOT be good on the phone...

Anyway- yeah. thanks for letting me rant!

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I am so sorry they treated you badly. People can be such dumb *^& things sometimes.

I understand that understanding chronic illness must be tough for most people....at least it apparently is but man....I wish they would rub two braincells together and at least try!!

I once went to the ER with stabbing chest pains everytime I breathed in and tachycardia and was told "you konw when you come in here and say you are having chest pains we think we need to move people out of ER beds for you, and you certainly dont look like you are having a heart attack."

oh well, perhaps I should have been more creative in my description.......idiots.

Do file a complaint!

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What a terrible experience. It could have happened to any one of us. Since I started using my seat cane, I don't get those nasty glares and rude comments anymore.

Gracie, I laughed hysterically when I read your idea about syphilis or brain tumor. Wow, I am tempted to use that one. However, when people ask me what "happened to you?", I look at it as an opportunity to spread knowledge/understanding about our illness. Most times I just simply say that I pass out when I stand up too long or walk too far. I rather people ask than stare at me.

I would definitely complain to the store manager about the incident. People listen better if they think they might lose money. When I am unhappy about a store, I usually say "I really like your store except for such and such. I really don't want to go to your competitor but .... " Also, as Gracie suggests, faulty equipment could result in injury. Even if you would not sue them, another customer might. If you don't want a potentially upsetting conversation you could always write a letter. If you get no response, then I would send the letter to the top dog of the whole company. They should give you a gift certificate for your trouble... and some respect.

Try not to take their ignorance personally. What goes around comes around. One day they might be in the same position for a different reason.


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I thought I'd be immune, too- but I HAD my seat cane with me and was using it!

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