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I Got A Second Opinion

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I saw a physician listed on the potsplace mainpage so I made an appointment with him and it was a waste of time. He basically said he hasn't seen many patients with this lately so he's not up to date on any new treatments.

I got up at 6:00 for that! B)

He did say my Pots and Gastroparesis is secondary to my autonomic dysfunction. What does that mean? I thought POTS and GP was autonomic dysfunction (neuropathy).

He also said since they haven't found a cause besides a possible stomach virus than he feels it was due to my pregnancy. Since I got sick when my son was 4 months old. My pregnancy was fine and my delivery was fine and I was fine up until he was 4 months old. How could pregnancy cause autonomic dysfunction? Anyone have an answer to that? :)

Anyways just wanted to update. My hr and bp were pretty good. I started flornief again .1mg with potassium about a week ago so maybe it's helping.

Thanks for listening and if anyone has any imput re: pregnancy let me know. If pregnancy had anything to do with making me sooo sick my husband is going to take his butt to the doctor and get SNIPPED!!!!! :o


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Guest Belinda

Hey girl..sorry about your waste of time..NO I don't believe that those to issues are seperate I have been told time and time again they are connected..it is called the Enteric system..our GUTS. And everything is basically affected thing that we don't have control over and I don't know about you but I cannot tell my gut to digest or contro my nausea by thinking about it>>>Isn't that alogical thing. Hope your not returning to him..Belinda

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Ditto what Michelle said. The doctors on that list typically get there because a patient or patients have given us their name as someone helpful. If you had an experience with a doctor on the list that is negative, bad, etc., please email a moderator privately. Thanks, Nina :)

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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with a doc listed here. Good idea for the person to be removed.

Yes, POTS and autonomic dysfunction can definitely occur postpartum, even with a normal pregnancy. One of my best doctors told me the postpartum state -- the immediate few days following delivery -- is when your heart is working its hardest ever, even more than during the actual pregnancy. The autonomic system is heightened and is also working at its hardest. The heart rate goes up, as well as BP, even in normal women -- not above 100 or 120/80, but they do go up. Also, pregnancy is a prime time for autoimmune diseases to develop because your body has a foreign body in it ( the fetus), so if you have any susceptibility to autoimmune disease (and some researchers do think POTS may be autoimmune in some of us), pregnancy can be a trigger.

All of this said, there's nothing you can do to change the fact that pregnancy may or may not have triggered your POTS. If you do not want more children, I would seriously talk with your husband about your birth control options. However, some people here have actually gotten better after a second pregnancy, so please don't rule out another pregnancy if it's something you wanted pre-POTS.

Take care,


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Sorry the appointment was so worthless. :)

What he said about the POTS being secondary to autonomic dysfunction makes sense- yeah to you it would have been like "thank you, captain obvious," which also makes sense- but there are lots of us here who didn't get POTS after a virus damaged our ANS. Or a pregnancy that did (yes there is postpartum POTS or something like that, but I think it does a similar thing to the ANS as a virus), I THINK.

Hope you find a better doctor!!!

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