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have any of taken any drugs in this group? like atropine or scolapamine or any others? i was thinking it might help dry up the increased mucus i get in my nose and throat everytime after i eat, i am so sick of this and the terrible post nasal drip cough, i have already tried alot of antihistamines and decongestants without much relief, and would these kind of drugs lower bp even more and lower heartrate? any info would be appreciated, thanks


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Have you ever tried using a saline wash for your sinus? I have had lots of sinus infections, and started to use a Sinu Cleanse Pot. It looks alot like the lamp for the movie Aladin, however you fill it with saline and flush your sinus with it. It helps to remove the excess mucus and has prevented sinus infections for me. I bought mine at Walgreens. It came with the salt packets, so all I have to do is add water.

I have not tried the other meds, but this seems to help.

Good Luck.


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Like WW2, i'm also on a sinus rinse system as per my allergist's instructions. I use the NeilMed system, which comes with premeasured packets that you add to warm water. I find it very easy to use, and it's really helped me get through some bad allergy seasons--and avoid having as many sinus and ear infections as I would get before I started using it.


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