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Headache And Nausea??

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Hi guys,

I took a Tylenol earllier for my headache and I feel sooo nauseas right now...I really feel like I am going to throw up. My head hurts in the front above my eyes...in that area....What helps, besides taking any type of meds?? I am feeling desperate right now...I also have palpitations and dizziness.... :)

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Headaches with nauseau are usually migraines which require a lot more help than Tylenol. I urge you to see a doctor if this is a new symptom for you. Peppermint can often help with nauseau as will lying in a dark quiet room with your eyes covered. I am so sorry you are going throught this- they are terrible!


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yeah dear sounds like it might be a migraine.. and those are no funa t all.. I would say call your doc and get into see him.. in the mean time you can try Excedrin Migrain.. I used to take it for migraines.. but had to stop.. it has caffeine in the excedrin...

DO you handle caffeine? you could try the excedrin migraine...

i hope that you feel better soon dear!



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