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Mri, Ct Scan


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I recently got my CT and MRI results of my brain. They ruled out seizures but say that I have age-advanced cerebral atrophy, etiology unkown.(That was the MRI) The CT report says Moderate atrophy, unusual for the patient's age, etiology unknown.

I"m taking them to another radiologist for a second opinion. All I can think of is Alzheimer's on top of all this. I turned 50 this year.

Wondering if anyone has had an MRI showing atrophy(which means your brain is shrinking). My doctor wasn't concerned with the CT scan but was with the MRI. He said don''t panic, we'll have it read by a radiologist that I would say is the best and we'll go from there.

Another thing to worry about.

Thanks for any input.


I had an MRI a year ago that was normal.

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Hi Amy:

I don't want to worry you, but you may want to ask your doctor about MSA--multiple systems atrophy. Sometimes, people with MSA show brain atrophy in an MRI--only 20% or so of cases show this. I worried about this for a while, but my autonomic tests indicated against MSA since I don't have hypotentsion, urinary incontinence or retention, and other markers of MSA.

I am not in anyway suggesting I think you have this, but it may be worth putting on the radar when you speak with your doctor.

Warmest Regards,


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I hope you find some answers with the second opinion. I hope everything works out in your favor. Keep us updated.


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