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Flu Shot


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My Cardiologist recommends that I get the flu shot every year. The positive contribution much out weights the negative reactions. It helps to protect our bodies and helps us fight a cold if we develop one. I had a infection in my heart last year and trust me; you don?t want to have that. So go for the flu injection and help to protect the crazy body you live in. As for reactions. Well, I am not going to lye to you. One year I had a very bad reaction to the injection. Bad heart cramps etc. But that was only one year and I will go every year to help protect myself.

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If you think that the dead flu viruses in a flu shot pose a problem, imagine what the live flu viruses wildly reproducing themselves in your body can do to you if you don't have the antibodies against them. Flu is so common and so easily spread that you will probably be exposed to it if there is a bad outbreak.

There are two main reasons to get a vaccination: (1) to protect yourself from a disease (2) to protect other people whom you might otherwise infect. The woman who cuts my hair gets a flu shot every year because many of her clients are elderly or have health problems. She doesn't want to miss work from being sick, and she doesn't want to make her clients sick, either--especially because a bad case of flu could be lethal to them.

There is one major reason not to get a flu vaccination: if you are allergic to eggs. The flu viruses that go into making the vaccine are grown in fertilized chicken eggs.

I get a flu shot every year, unless there is a serious shortage of flu vaccine.

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We believe my autonomic problems are an auto immune response to the year 2000 flu shot . The vaccine that I received was found to cause respiratory problems..it had not been chemically "chopped up "enough. 5 people got Gullaine- Barre...I got autonomic nerve damage.There is always a small risk you take in any vaccination. I was unlucky.


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Guest sonotech

I have ALWAYS gotten the flu shot since I had been working in the medical field, so I have actually recieved the injection about 8 years straight. Even though I have heard stories of people having reactions, I have NEVER had any kind of reaction myself (not even achy). I know everyones body reacts different but I think it is a good idea to get one if you can. It is recommended that you take a regular adult dose of tylenol BEFORE receiving the shot.


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