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Afraid To Approach Subject With My Doctor

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I have a topic to approach with my MD, but I am afraid to do it.

I have been parking in patient parking on my bad days (I work at a hospital). Our employee parking is way out there and it is either uphill or downhill to the hospital, which makes it the reverse at the end of the day. On certain days this walking in is too much and I am sick for hours after that- or is impossible. So, I've been parking in the front spots.

Now, our facility is cracking down and security cars monitor the area. I've been trying to walk in from the "legal" area- but I am so weak and dizzy. It will only get worse with the heat.

I need a note or a handicapped parking pass to park closer. This is really vital to keeping a job. I just don't know how to ask for it. I don't want to appear lazy or unmotivated. I keep thinking I can handle it- but then I feel so sick.

How can I word this note?

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You did a good job explaining it to us! (Of course we may understand on a different level too).

How about approaching it from the standpoint that you are struggling to remain functional and working and you would like his assistance in accomplishing these goals. Let him know how symptomatic you get walking and tell him you would like his assistance in getting a handicap tag/sticker to see if reducing your activity level will help you stay safe and able to work better and more functionally.

You may want to call or go online to your local DMV. Where I live there was a simple form the Dr filled out which I then took to DMV to get the tag I needed. If you have the form with you to present at your appt that may save time.

Good luck and keep us posted

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Many of us have handicapped tags, it's just good sense. I suggest a simple, direct approach, just ask for a prescription for one. If your doctor (I assume you mean your personal physician, as opposed to one you might work for) is in-tune to your condition, it's unlikely they will question it.

Anything that can reduce our stress should be considered. One person here was turned down by the first doctor she asked, but later found one that would prescribe the tag.

Once you have the tag, it gets even more interesting! Some of us use them only occasionally, and deal with stares/comments of others. I like the way one DINET member answered a parking garage attendant who said, "But, you're not handicapped!" She said, "Sir, unfortunately, I am."

Sometimes, it's ourselves that have to own it . . .

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