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Wobbly Knees & Face Going Numbish

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It seems like whenever my body goes Potsy or orthostatic or fainty to any degree over minor...my knees get all wobbly afterwards. It is like they won't stay straight up...They wobble between being bent and being hyperextended...No middle ground. And if it wobbles too much when I am doing something it hurts.. Like something gets very briefly pulled or pinched...

Also since december my face goes numbish when ever I stand up and those fun orthostatic symptoms start... it is very weird and my docs just look at me when I try and explain it. Does anyone else do this?

I feel like heck today....)-;

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I have some of the same symptoms. My for about a month my left cheek was numb, and now my right eyebow is numb off and on. It is very strange. I also have more weekness when I have more POTS symptoms.

I wish I had an answer to why it happens. MRI's and EMGs turn out normal.


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I have had the face and lips on the left side go numb lately alot. I talked to the doctor about it and he said its possabile the POTS. I keep wanting to know if it more. The odd thing is I only get it on the left side. As for wobby knees I don't really get I just get bad leg pain where it hurts to walk.

I wish you the best of luck, and hope you find the answer to whats going on!


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