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What Med Can Help


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Hi everyone! I've been having a very difficult time trying to get my POTS under control. I spoke to my doctor about it today and he said there is nothing more he can do for me. The only thing I take right now is Inderal and Florinef. He offered me a visit to an EP Cardio though. Which is good because now I can at least have some hope that this doctor will be able to help. It's starting to feel like disability is in my near future. I don't know what to do to help myself get through my working days. I'm a full time nurse and on my feet more than half of my shift. It's becoming way too much. I can barely make it up my stairs these days. My family depends alot on my income right now. My husband is going to school to be a truck driver...thank god. So, maybe when he starts his work doing that, he'll make what I make now and I can cut back on my hours. But, what do I do now?

So, I was wondering if you guys would mind telling me what you use that does help. I need some more ideas of things to suggest to my doctor to get me to feel more normal. I can't handle this anymore. I do plan to bring him the DINET list of "what helps". Is there any more advice anyone can offer to me?

I feel so alone in this fight.

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Guest sonotech

I am currently taking Midodrine (vasoconstrictor), Florinef, and sdium tabs.

I know how you feel about the work situation. I have ALSO been in the medical field and worked at hospitals for many years so I know how taxing it can be on your body.

My family had also been VERY dependant on MY salary since I also made more$ than my husband. It is very stressful to work and have POTS. I remember SOOOO many mornings that I wondered IF I was going to even MAKE IT TO WORK. I worked for 6 years struggling every day and I finally, about 4 years ago, had to alter my schedule. Here are the things I tried that helped:

...I did "agency" work so that I could make the same amount of money working less hours (since temp workers are usually higher paid.

...I then found a job that was a regular 8-5 job working for a private practice. THIS helped me ALOT. I was able to get more sleep (which I needed) and didn't have to work overtime or take "call" at night.

...Working closer to home can help. For many years I commuted 1hr each way which can wear you out more than you think.

...Another idea is changing the hours that you work, meaning if MORNINGS are really difficult then maybe changing to a LATER SHIFT.

These are just some things I did to help me make it through all those really tough years. Sadly, I just recently (4 months ago) had to stop working and apply for disability. Sometimes you just get to the point that you have to STOP and take care of YOU.

My symptoms just progressively got worse, and I dont know what YOUR case is, but maybe you wont have to resort to that. As far as income goes, you might be suprised how things ALWAYS work out.

Good Luck and hope I could help you at least a little,


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Man nursing got soooo hard for me....I loved it, but it was killing me off.

Do you have agencies where you can do one on one shift work? It pays really well and the work is so much easier. Here we have agencies where you take care of one child who's medically fragile. They train you, the money is good and there are benefits. I actually made more there than at the hospital. And only having one patient that you really get to know made a huge difference.

That's about all i can suggest, good luck, and I feel for you! I too am on disability now. I don't tolerate any meds, so can't help you there either...not a very big help am I.. :( morgan

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The first time I tried prozac it worked for about 2 years I think.

I recently tried Cymbalta but that didn't work out for me.

I don't know your age, the estrogen (climara) patch helped me the most.

I had a hysterctomy whe I was 39. He made me quit the patch at 48 and

I have felt alot worse since.

I know the stress of nursing, I had to give up almost 2 years ago. I am in

the process of xocial security disability. Turned down twice, now waiting for a


What are your worst symptoms? Mine was tachycardia so the beta blocker made

a world of difference. I take Inderal 10 mg 4-5 times a day. If your dose is

too high it really makes you feel tired.

Good Luck


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Please take a look at the primary DINET site, at www.dinet.org

there is a section on the left side bar that says "what helps". If you click on it, you will see a long list of Rx and non Rx treatments, explanations and crosslinks about how they work.

You may want to look through the pinned topics at the top of this forum, posted by myself, Michelle and Sunfish (Melissa). One of Melissa's posts explains how to search the forum--you will find a great deal of info this way b/c this question has come up many times before.


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I just recently (2-3 months ago) came home from work on medical leave because teaching was way too much to handle with my symptoms, I can't imagine how nursing would be!

I am now taking an at home class to do medical transcriptions through www.careerstep.com, and love it. I have a biology background, so its fairly easy, and with a medical background it would be even easier. A good friend of mine has been working for a company called Spheris that hires directly through the career step program, and transcriptionists are badly needed right now. You make about the same as a teacher or nurse (depending on where you live and how fast you can type), and you get to work from home.

Luckily my husband and I own an ecommerce business as well, which I help run from home. Just having the option of not going to work and avoiding that stress has helped my symtoms.

Good luck and if you want any other info let me know.

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