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My Birthday


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Hi everyone!! Today I am celebrating my birthday by thanking this forum first!!

I have had NCS for a long time. My days are alot better these days then in the past. I remember having days when I didn't think I would be able to make it through, and then there were the days I didn't want to. The worst, was always feeling alone. Even though I have been blessed with a wonderful supportive family they can't fathum what I feel like at times. and thats where I thank everyone here. I don't post as much as some, but I am on here alot. Reading and feeling the same pains and fears as you do. And even though I wouldn't wish this disease on anyone I am thankful that others actually know how I feel and can sympathize with me. so I just want to thank you for being here for me and my family. I love you guys!!

and again thank you from my heart,



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Guest Mary from OH

Happy Birthday Sue!! I'm glad you had a wonderful day!! I, too, am so thankful for DINET!!

The 15th was my birthday too!! My daughter and I spent it in bed all day with miserable migraines!

Hopefully, this will be a happy, healthy year for both of us!!

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