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Overdid It

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Hi all,

Since I've started some new treatments, my health has improved alot...I guess I got so used to feeling somewhat normal that I forgot that POTS is a CHRONIC illness...it doesn't just go away.

Yesterday was very warm, and my building still hasn't turned on the AC yet. The heat would have made me pass out (and not wake up probably) so I loaded up on Gatorade and Midodrine and went to the library where it's nice and cool. Later, I went to visit a friend who is in the hospital and I didn't get home until around 8:00 pm (which is very late for me).

I thought I hadn't done anything too taxing to my body, but at around 2:00 am I was woken up to my HR in the high 100's and my BP was all over the map (three separate readings over a period of a few minutes read: ~170/110, ~70/50 and ~140/60). I was up the whole night shaking and surging and wishing I would die...when I finally did fall asleep I had dreams I was strapped to hellish rollercoasters all night (adrenaline surges always make me feel as though I'm falling).

Today, I'm on my back in bed, too sick to get to the bathroom by myself without falling. :(:(

Does anyone know why our bodies react so violently to overexertion?...I mean, come on, this is a major overreaction! Any thoughts, comments are much appreciated.



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I'm so sorry you are feeling so poorly.

The only thing I can think of is, up until yesterday (or the day you stayed out until 8:00 PM), how much activity had you been doing? In other words, was this activity way more than normal, or had you been able to sustain something up until then?

I suspect (without knowing), that you had not been able to sustain activity at that level before, and the contrast is great.

I do not think you should look at this like you will never be able to sustain that level of activity. But I do think you may need to "retrain" your body to certain levels of activity, and this could take time.

I suggest exercise of some sort that involves using your stamina (if you are able). I also suggest building up slowly and being patient. I do think our bodies have a way of adjusting to our disability if we are patient.

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Lauren! My heart goes out to you (no pun intended). There is no doubt about it, our bodies over react on a major scale- I find myself in a similar situation to you on a regular basis.

I really do know how you feel. I have been crashing on and off now for two months, which is not like me at all- it's normally once every few months for a couple of weeks

The trick is to keep the fight- keep doing things, keep active. don't let POTS win. We are bigger than this condition. It's great you managed to do so much; you might be unable to do anything today, but maybe tomorrow you'll manage even more still than yesterday! I'm really proud you got through so much- it's definitely more than I could, and I'm walking at the moment.

Lots of love, thinking of you, hen.

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i can realte to the dream thing during surging.. only i dream that i'm in a race-car.. and i cant get out.. and it makes me SOOOOOOO sick..

I dont know dear i know our bodies are super senstive.. and that any even little change or excersion is sometimes too mcuh..

i hope that you feel better soon!!

take care

love and hugs


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Sorry you had a hard night..........hope you feel better soon.

Our bodies are so temperamental! Hang in there.


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Thanks so much guys for all your support! I guess the stress of finals, plus the extra activity (usually, I never really go anywhere) was enough to tip the scales.

I'm feeling a little better now...I was even able to wheel myself to the kitchen and get some food a little while ago:)

It's so funny, normally I'm soooo careful about not overdoing it. I guess I got overconfident yesterday. But lesson learned. My body's the boss, not my mind, and my body's saying "keep your tuckus in bed!"

Hugs to all of you!

- Lauren

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