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We Have Volunteer Openings!

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Hi guys!

As we grow, so does our need for help. If you want to join the DINET team and lend a helping hand with any of the following volunteer positions, we'd love to hear from you. Please PM me through the forum, or write to: staff@dinet.org if you are interested. Thank you!


One of our editors has retired, and we are searching for a new editor to take her place. If you have editing experience we would love to hear from you.

Find press releases

If you like to research and know how to use the Internet this may be the position for you! Help us find recent, dysautonomia-related press releases to include in our quarterly newsletter.

Help keep our links up-to-date

DINET's website is chock full of links. You can help keep DINET's website up-to-date by checking the links on a monthly basis. There are online link checkers to assist you in this task.

The person in this position will document broken links and then use a search engine to investigate whether websites with broken links have changed their urls or no longer exist.

Find new links

We need someone who enjoys researching on the computer to find dysautonomia-related websites to link to from our website. We prefer to link to websites that are written by doctors or published by organizations.

Update DINET's list of support groups

Help keep our list of support groups up to date by contacting support group leaders through email and updating their DINET listing.


Do you have ideas for fundraisers in 2006? Are you willing to do the work? If so, please contact DINET and share your ideas.

Grant Searcher

We could use help finding grants for which we may qualify. If you can help with this, please let us know.

Help build our "Assistance" page

Can you assist us in finding web resources that will help others for our "Assistance" page? If so, let us know!

Resarch PubMed/Medline for the latest NCS findings

Do you like to research and know how to use PubMed or a similar site? If the answer is yes, DINET could use your help in finding the latest publicatons on neurocardiogenic syncope! Email us for further information.

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Guest Julia59


I still search for the latest research, I just haven't done much of it recently. I kind of grew a little weary and burned out with reading medical material--(I'm sure you already have most of what I have read), but I'll double check. It was just a brief period-----I needed to get away.

I will continue to look for the most up to date research. I know I have sent some articles/journals in the past, and I will continue to do it.

I'll keep you posted on what I can find.

Julie :0)

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I have a lot of editing experience (although my spelling isn't as keen as it used to be since getting POTS!! So thank goodness for spell check:P ). Do you need someone to edit the newsletter, the entire site or what would be involved and about how many hours a month would it require?

If you already have someone to edit, then I wouldn't mind checking for broken links each month. Just let me know.


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THANK YOU to all who offered to help! :) JaneEyre9 was the first to contact us regarding the editing position, and we are pleased to announce that she will be our new editor.

Amber has volunteered to update the list of support groups. :)

BuddyLeesWife, I would love to have your help with finding NCS articles. Thanks. I'll send you a PM.

Gena may be taking the Link Checker position...I am waiting to hear back from her. Other than that, we can still use a lot of help. Please let me know if you are interested in any of the positions still available.

THANK YOU!!! You guys are the greatest!


PS...Thanks for those links, Julie. I'll check them out.

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Well I know I would not qualify for any of thses positions, but I do want to let you know I am available for maybe some work in the Brochure areas. I could always mail some out help find people to support dinet by using the brochures and sending out if and asking for help of donations. Is this any thing that is available? Any ideas? It just sounds like an easy thing for my pots brain fog body to handle. :)

Let me know. I could send out brochures and such to many medical places. I know around here we have a rack that holds a lot of brochures and we could easily have the dinet brochures in there also.

Just an idea,


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