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Flying - Any Suggestions?

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I'm leaving for about 10 days on Friday and I'll be flying - the flight's a short one, but I'm still kind of nervous. Usually I do fine on planes, including trans-continental travel, but this is my first time flying since my POTS diagnosis and since I started my meds (Florinef, Gabapentin, Toprol XL). I've not been doing that well, anyways - since I started the Florinef I've had trouble sleeping through the night, not to mention the usual headaches, weakness, dizziness, fatique, and one collapse that always come with POTS. Any advice you guys have would be GREAT - I don't know how my body will react to all this! Hopefully I'll get some good rest on vacation, and, who knows, maybe the change of scene will do my body some good! :angry:


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Hi Kate,

It can be unsettling at first not knowing how your body will react. Try not to get too emotionally worried about it as sometimes that can actually trigger a physcial response. When i fly i always take drinks like powerade and salty food like crackers or potato chips. Just be aware that your body may take a few days to recover so you may be more dizzy than usual for the first day or so after arriving so dont freak out it most likely will pass :angry:

ps: massage does wonders for me as it gets my blood flowing again and helps my body recover from the flight

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