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Dental Work

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First I would like to thank everyone for being so welcoming as I am new to the forum. I have a question regarding dental work. Does anyone have experience with novicane bringing on symptoms? I had a bad experience from a root canal at one point. I felt so weak and faint while I was driving home. My dentist does not understand dysautnomia whatsoever. He lowers the chair so far down that my head is way below my heart. When I tell him I need to come up, he says yes in a just a minute. Well a minute can stretch much longer and he doesn't understand that i need to come up NOW! I have been to several dentists and need to have a root canal finished as it is causing me problems. Any advice/suggestions/experiences with dental work? Thank you- this is really stressing me out.


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I have an extreme reaction to novacaine, they failed to tell me that most of the time it contains epinepherine, and I was almost sent to the hospital because my heart was racing and I was having muscle spasms. Ask for lytocaine, it doesn't contain epinepherine. I would also tell the dentist your situation beforehand, and if they are not willing to work with you, go to another dentist.

Good luck!

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Ditto for me on the novacaine. It used to be fine, but at some point dentists started adding epinephrine to it on the theory that it would keep the novacaine localized and last longer. When I jumped off the chair once and paced because I got so tachy :angry: , the assistant told me to always say "no epi" when I went to any dentist -- ever.

As to the tilting, if you can't get the dentist to "get it", try the assistant. If that doesn't work, well, you have no choice but to find someone else.

Good luck.


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It is ht eEpinephrine. I always ask for carbacain plain 3%. I do no thave a problem with it. But heck for years they tried telling me it was anxiety. Until I was taken the the ER by an ambulance two times from two seperate dental offices. They finally figured out it was the epi. I havea great dentist now who listens pretty well. It is quite nice.

Hey any one have any experience with getting teeth pulled and always gettting a dry socket? I had three more teeth pulled and am gettting dry socket again. I have 8 teeth left in my mouth and I have had dry socket every time. I do every thing I am supposed to yet still get it. It is swful.


Corina (hopeful-girl

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