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Back To Earth With A Thud, My Butt Hurts!!!

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Hi Guys,

I feel better. I think I am over the adenosine thing. My husband (sweet stupid souls that he is) Did not take me to the hospiltal the night after i had my test (I just found this out) He called my mother; the woman who passed out when bit off the tip of my tongue when I was 3, leaving me to bleed. Anyway. He finally told me he sat up all night watching me because I wasnt breathing good and my body was all seizure like. He said he prayed all night, I told him, Honey, next time pray while dialing 911.

Afer a week of total space out, weird freaky dreams and all, I am back on earth. But during my space travel I didnt take my meds right, i didnt drink enough water, I obviously didnt go pee in quite a while cuz I have a uti. I spent yesterday at the new docs and she is great, told her about the adenosine episode. She ordered a stress echo and a ct of my head for today but i blew it off. It was 75 outside, all the apple trees are in bloom and the mountain looks and smells incredible. I groomed my horse and let her out to graze and i layed in the grass. I am not spending a good day at the hospital for 8 hours for 2 tests if im feeling good. Id rather go on days when I can pass out and make people run around. (-:



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glad tath you are back on earth toodear!! hope you butt is feeling better!!

YES enjoy yhte beautiful weather before it gets way to hot to enjoy it! and you have a horse too!! that is too coool!---laying in the grass is always fun.. did you stare at the clouds.. and think what the clouds reminded you of?

i remember one time i was riding in the car.. and i was starring ou the window (iwas pre-teen i think) and anywhoo.. i was staring at the sky.. and it looked like the clouds where making stairs.. and the way that the sun was shinning thru the clouds it was perfect.. and it looked like the stair way to heaven..

I may sound slightly crazy saying that.. but that is what I though it looked like..

glad you are doing better dear!!



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Janine you are a riot. Thanks, you made me laugh out loud.

I'm so glad I have passed on the adenosine test! Knowing me, I'd have the test, wig out for a week (forgive me if I insulted you, there) and then be told there is nothing wrong. As if I hadn't learned my lesson . . . .

Good for you for enjoying the day! Gotta take a vacation from POTS, sometimes.

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I am glad you are feeling better. I don't blame you. Today it was 79 here. I spent the day in the shade in the longer chair, ( with om oxygen on) wind blowing in my hair, and was loving every min. of it. Even though it didn't feel the best there is somtin=me to say about spending a nice day outside. I wish you the best of luck when you have your test!


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