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Long Time No Speak All!


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Hi all. Just wanted to say hi and update you all on my well being, or not so well being.

The past few weeks ive been having chest pains, they last a few seconds, and 99% of the time if i press my chest i can feel the muscle thats hurting, its like a string of muscle that seems enlarged. And ive had the odd shooting pain. I try not to worry to much.

I have been awaking at night at 4am and my food pipe (esophagus?) really hurts, like its on fire, with intense trapped wind. The wind passes but the fire feeling is still there, this is really horrible.

If i stretch, or awake at night and turn over my heart rate slows down rapidly, but when i stand it shoots up. These are my usuall symptoms so no change here.

Ive been to numerous job interviews, and refuse to be held at home, so im still looking for the right job so me and my girlfriend can moove out of my parents, this is adding more stress to my life.

I drink the odd glass of wine or can of larger each night, i find this calms me, some say it sends there body into overdrive, but for me, it calms me down, althought this may be adding to the effects the next day. I need to control this, i will do.

I eat alot more and have put on weight, but im noticing the more i eat and the more weight i put on the worse i feel. I felt better and had less symptoms when i was going through bulimic episodes.

Anyway thats me....

I hope you all fine and doing well. Look forward to your replys.

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Welcome back!

Those are some pretty weird symptoms, huh?

I was just thinking that if you feel better less heavy (PLEASE don't resort to bulemia!!), you should ask your doc for some Xanax or clonazepam to use at night instead. Just take a little, and you will get the same calming effect without the alcohol. It's pretty much the same feeling for me.

I hope your job search goes well. And remember that your body is a temple, even if it is in need of repair. It is our job to treat it as well as we can. Then , WHEN the pots is gone, we will still have a healthy body to live in!! And you'll feel better while you are still in the potsy thing, too.

Hang in,

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Thanks for the replys.

Apart from the usual symptoms the above i listed are pretty wiered, my girlfriend thinks im mad! lol. There is a bit of good news, my anxiety has took a turn for the best, i rarley have panic attacks anymore. I still find it hard walking around on my own but thats the only the only time anxiety hits me, and alot of the time i can control it .... Without those yukky! meds.

Im seriously thinking about going on a cookin course. I love cooking, tonight we have home-made shepards pie with veggies and gravy hmmm......... Cooking is the only thing that calms me down without alchol. If my girlfriend or brothers try to talk to me when im cooking, they will tell you 99% of the time they get no reply, my mind is so focused on cooking. The end result is scrummmy! everyone thanks me.

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