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Update On My Gastro Doc

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I had an awesome appointment today even though I'm still sicker than ever. My G.I. doc says that since all my nausea is not being relieved by the motilitity agents, actually it doesn't matter if I take it them or not. I feel the same either way.

He thinks my nausea is due to the lack of blood getting to my heart and brain and there for going haywire and making me feel like crap. He really was thinking out of the box since he's a motility doc.

He wants me to have a exam of my heart. Where they but a cathiter to check it or something like that. He also said since my situation is so complex and I'm not responding to the normal treatment I'm a good candidate for Mayo. My Neuro also suggested this at my last appointment also . I guess I can do med trial there or something.

He also gave me a script for compression hose and if I find relief from that then he'll prescribe a vasoconstrictor. I think he mentioned proamitame (something like that) and also prescribed nortriptyline for migrianes and said it might help with the nausea also.

I pray some of this helps since I've been homebound for the past 3wks. If I do anything I feel totally wiped out and need to sleep almost the whole day. That's not usual for me. I have endured this illness for 2 yrs and was never as fatigued as I have been for the last 3 wks. I pray I overcome it. I'm not enjoying or caring about my life because I'm too tired and only care about sleeping right now. Has anyone just had a bad spell of fatigue to find it get better? I'm scared it's turning into CFS. I think I fear CFS more than anything else because I want to be at least conversational with my kids and right now I slurring and dosing off every 10 minutes.

Well I just wanted to give everyone an update. My GI is awesome and very compassionate and I think I finally found my go to Doc!!!!

Super sleepy :P


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Guest sonotech

Hey Dayna,

I just sent you a PM earlier before I saw this post! I was really hoping that you were feeling better by now. Yes, I HAVE had really long spells of extreme fatigue that did eventually get better, so dont give up hope.

I dont know if any of the meds that you take are new for you, but maybe you are still adapting to those as well which may be making you sleepier.

Hang in there girl, you WILL feel better eventually. Your body just NEEDS the rest right now, so there isnt much you can do to change that.

Take care,


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