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Uurrrggghhhh! Student Loans!

Dawg Tired

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When I first got sick I was trying to complete my degree and had some student loans. I had to drop out 4 weeks before the end of my Junior year and I called the state student loan agency and was told there were no contingencies for disability or illness so at that time I took a 6 month payment deferment. Months later, while talking to another representative of the agency he told me they DID have a provision for the loans to be dismissed in the case of total and permanent disability and he sent me the forms for my doctor and I to fill out.

I took the forms to a visit to the doctor's office and we filled them out then I sent them in. Many months later I got a letter saying I was not eligible because they "hadn't received appropriate documentation from my doctor". I called, got another form sent to me, went back to the doctor, and mailed the info again. I then waited 3 weeks, called, and was told that everything looked fine. I asked how long this was going to take.... the woman I talked to then said the entire dismissal would be done "as soon as we see that you have had no earned income for 3 years... We will check your income tax returns".

I have been wrestling with this since September of 2002.... TODAY I get a letter stating they did not receive documentation from my doctor and they are turning it over to a "national collection agency". Can I say I am angry???? How dare they cause me the stress!!!!

I called them and was told they faxed my doctor in December for updated information on my condition to see if I have improved.... I told them my doctor was gone during December - and he was. So, she said she would re-fax the form for him to fill out, she refused to send it to me or send a copy to me so I could make sure it was filled out....

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Hi---boy do I understand what you are going thru!

I fought for roughly 1 year before finally getting granted total and eprmenant disability.. they kept "loosing my applications".. and saying that info was incomplete.. then there wasnt enough information.. then the date of disability was wrong.. and on and on it wnt.. I finally did get approved though.. but majorly had to jump thru hoops to get it..

In the end I sent them letters from all my treating docs.. explaining my condition.. and I sent them information on pots.. as well as anything else that i thought might help my 'case".. along with yet another new application...and a personal letter from myself stating the deterioration of health and functioning.. and after doing all of that I got approved...

try sending them info again.. I know pain in the rear!--and have it mailed to the certifiied mail.. so that thtye have to sign for it..

and keep fighting it.. I know it takes alot of time anenergy to do.. when we could be using that time and energy for something else.. but you are entitled to this program-waiver what its called..

dont let them bully you!!

hang in there and good luck dear!


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Would you believe - they would not accept anything sent by ME.... they only want info from the Dr... no return address on the envelope - none on the letterhead - whoever I talked to on the phone yesterday refused to give me a mailing address.....

I am praying for the best... WHY do they make the threats about the national collection service???? Stress - it's what's for breakfast!!

Like ANY of us need that - this disease isn't bad enough on our credit.... Grrrr!

I finally recently got rid of one threatening to take away our house over $$ owed for something my Ex-husband bought AFTER we divorced in 1998..... And now this!

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