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Head Feeling Detached Right Before Passing Out?

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Hi ya

this morning I was suppose to go to the hospital for a test.. and I woke up and was like ...a (adizzygirl).. I hadnt even opened my eyes yet.. and I had this horrible loud buzzing-humming sound in my head.. it kinda sounded like a refridgerator that was about to have lift off..I felt majorly disconnected from myself.. like my head was disconnect from the rest of my body.. UGH! strange feeing.. that I dont quite know how to describe.. my boyfriend woke up and asked me if I was allright .. I told him No.. and told him how I felt.. he was like well you are not going to the hospi to have the test done.. this was before I took my BP.. so I'm still laying there and..(i sleep with my BP machine in bed..LOL :o:):huh: --so i can check it in the AM before I get up...).. well my BP was nice and low...

70/43-- and my pulse was not even pushing 50....I felt like I was dying or something.. I felt horrible and told my b/f that and he said not to talk like that..

But I felt horrible.. I re-checked my BP and it was 77/43 p.52.. and I seriously felt like I was going to pass out.. I ddint even dare to sit up.. and I tried a BP one more time.. and it was reading error.. so I said screw it.. its going to be a real potsy kinda day.. and i chugged some water..

I had passed out this morning in bed sometime after 3;30am.. I was laying there and got the same kind of disconnected feeling.. like my body parts are not well there.. espeically my head and arms... and I got this Jolt feeling thru out my body.. and them numbness. and hello i was out.. the world went black... and less then 4 hours later.. it was happening again..

after my middle of the night thing.. once i came too.. I had clicking in my neck .. and it was driving me CRAZY!!! and my ears hurt rreally bad.. and they felt very full of gunk... and the buzzing..GRRRRRR

so I'm just wondering if any of your experience this?? and am I loosing my marbles??

I think for the second episode that my HR being in the low 40's really played a role in my feeling like pooop!

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That sounds scary..........your ears hurting doesn't sound good

I don't have this? I have had ringing in the ears and even a pinching feeling but what you described sounded like what my husband went through when he had an ear infection and his eardrum burst.

I wouldn't ignore it if it hurts this bad........

do you have fluid in your ears, or does it just feel like you do?

I'm not a doctor, but that sounds like an ear infection. Along with the potsy stuff.

I could always be wrong so don't quote me. :)

Take care,


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mmm- I dont think that my ears are infected.. as i am the queen of ear infections and a good part of the time I can tell if theya re.. But ALWAYS when i go the docs and they look at my eears there is always fluid behind the ear drum.. regardless of weather or not they are infected...

I should also mention that I have had as evere potsy headach for days now.. and there is alot of pressure at the base of my skull.. and stuff.. and when those get bad.. if makes me ears hurt.. and feel full..and I have been running a low fever since friday.. os I wanted if I'm coming down with something.. I hope that i am not.. as i cant handle another severe potsy crash right now!! :)

some of the noises in my head are very high pitched.. and some are the buzzing and humming stuff like this morning.. last night it was high pitched.9in the evening)

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Not so much the ear thing, but the rest of it, YES- and often I wake up in the night to experience just the type of episode you describe. It makes me wonder if I will die sometimes because I am woken up with a jolt, and can't move- it's often accompanied by paralysis in me,tho no one knows why.

Hang in there- I hold to the hope that it's a rare occurence; you should too!

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I have had the ear humming/buzzing thing before fainting, or near fainting. Before my neck surgery, I could provoke that sound & severe dizziness by bending my head forward or backward. Since my fusion, now I only get the wierd head noise when I'm about to "hit the deck".

Also, I've had that out of body experience too! I describe is as feeling "floaty"--if you watch the cartoon South Park, I feel like I'm in the episode where the Mr. Macky, after years of saying "kids, drugs are bad... unnn kay?", he tries drugs and his head floats around town like a giant balloon without his body. I don't always get that with a pre-syncopal episode, but I'm usually pretty symptomatic when I feel that way. The most frequent precursor for me is not eating on time and a drop in both blood sugar and my blood pressure.

I can imagine if you've never felt that way before how frightening it must have been--and certainly I'd suggest telling your doctor what's going on. If it's abnormal for *you*, then it warrants discussion with your doc.


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Nina-- no it is most certainly not the first time i have had this happen.. it was so intense this morning-- sometimes it doesnt matter how many times its happened in the past.. only that it freaks me out big time sometimes!!

It was pretty much my head feeling like it was floating.. I normal get full body- out of body experience.. when I have slipped into shock or had allergic reaction to meds and things..

and recently all the time just about when I have syncope and full body paralysis.. it bites!!.. I full float out of my body.. and am able to see myself below as well as the room that I am in.. its is freaky to say the least..

I'm hoping that after having a full spine MRI. and sending it of to some top notch Neuro ppl that it will be helpful to explain some of my neck things.. and all those noises in my head!! LOL-- ;):)

persephone-- how are you!! I've seen dr. Grubb and bev on the whole body paralysis and they are at a loss too of waht is going on.. I'm having a EEG done next month..(again!!!_I told the neuro it was pointless) to check for seizures.... I'm like I dont think that I'm having seizures.. but yeah I would like to know why I paralysis.. adn why its so gosh darn painful!!

I'm still feeling wacked out tonight-- and I'm thinking that i'm not going to take my night time BB's as my pressure is till low low low-- I think i am going to go in for an IV tomorrow.. at least then i'll feel decetn for a few hours!!

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I've never had an ear infection so I don't know how they feel..........that's got to be awful to have them all the time.

My husband was in so much pain he cried. (My husband doesn't cry) I couldn't even bare to think what your going through.

Sorry I wasn't much help ;)


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