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Symptoms Question

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I was wondering is anyone else ever felt hungry right after eating a meal. This has been going on for some time, but has been especially annoying this past week. I eat a normal sized meal, and literally right after I feel hungry and almost sick.

I also feel like my body has not been holding any fluids or nutrients (I have no proof of this, just a feeling), I am extra tired, constantly thirsty and drinking tons of fluids, but i never feel like its enough and on top of that have to pee constantly from all the fluids :) I also have been "crashing", where I feel like my blood sugar or BP drops and I cant move. Food seems to help, especially p-nut butter (my fav!!), so thats why I thought it may be blood sugar. I have always tested negative for hypoglycemia, but suspect I have it anyways. I have been extra short of breath too, more so than usual, I kinda lump that in with the extra tired feeling.

Does anyone else get this?? I have had GI issues in the past so I dont know if its something autonomic I should go see my Dr about or its just another POTS thing.


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I gained weight from it too. It's very frustrating and comes and goes for me. I have days that I eat everything in sight and find no end to the "sick" feeling. I eat and feel ok for a very short time. Not even 30 min. later and I start to feel sick again. When I eat or drink orange juice it seemed to help. So that's what I did.........about 30 pounds heavier and still have the problem. :)

It's not fun and just wanted to let you know your not alone.

Have you been tested for diabeties? It's good to find out if there's something else going on.

For me it must be a potsy thing cause I had a few tests that came back normal.

Good luck,


oh, I was told that if I cut out the sugar that the symptoms would improve........ it did help, so worth the try.

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It could be that your bp goes down after you eat b/c blood pools in your abdomen to a greater degree after eating--postprandial hypotension. Do you have a way to check bp at home?

I experienced very similar symptoms--hungry almost right after eating, feeling weak and dizzy about 30 minutes after eating, etc. This was the worst way before I was properly diagnosed. Like you, my sugar levels were always within normal range, even during a 4 hour glucose tolerance test that made me feel AWFUL.

My endo didn't know what was wrong, but suspected, not hypoglycemia, but "reactive hypoglycemia". Basically with this--blood sugar makes wide swings--up then down--but you are never actually technically hypoglycemic, I don't think. He said that eliminating sugars and increasing fat intake would help if that was the problem--so I did, and it did help. I also found that increasing salt intake helped--but of course it would be best to consult a doctor about this.

Hope this eases for you soon.


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Thanks for the imput - I will mention it to the cardio POTS guy I'm seeing next week and see what he thinks...I have already cut most sugars our of my diet, I can't eat gluten so that takes care of alot of it. When I cheat and eat ice cream or chocolate it gets worse, so maybe they are related.

And who knows about the postpranial hypotnesion - I don't own a BP cuff, so I have to go to the Dr to get that checked, but it would be interesing to know if it was dropping after I eat. I was reading about it online and will check into it.

Thanks again!

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