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Went To See My Family Doctor Because Of Dizziness

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My dizziness was getting worse. It was mostly when I changed positions and turned my head..stuff like that. My neuro said my orthostatics were fine so I thought it might be my ears.

They didn't do any tests but based on my symptoms she said benign positional vertigo. Since it didn't happen only while standing we knew this was something besides the normal Potsy dizzies. It's actually worse while sitting.

She said it should resolve in about 3 weeks. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Anyone else have this? I was prescribed meclizine 25mg 3x a day.


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ENT is an ear, nose and throat doctor. I think they can test for BBPV. I had this inner ear testing and I think a few others here have too. I think it is a little like POTS, because the test results don't tell you 100% whether you have it or not. It's really frustrating, because it's hard to get a definite answer about what's going on.

My doctor told me the exact same thing - my dizziness was not related to POTS because my BP and HR were normal while I was feeling dizzy. I went to 3 months of physical therapy for my inner ear and my symptoms went away, and then they came back. That's when my docs figured out it was the POTS that was causing the dizziness, not an inner ear problem. I will say that the physical therapy did help my dizziness, though!

There are a few other people here who do have a definite ear problem on top of their POTS...hopefully they will chime in. I just wanted to share my story, because my dizziness turned out to be from POTS.

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the brandt-daroff exercises HELPE ME IMMENSELY with this problem.

My ans doc dx me with this witha couple in office exercises.

THEN it got better and much worse. Saw "Neuro ENT SPECIALIST" who ruled out meniere's and BPPV..said I have overactive "brainstem".

Sorry, think he was an idiot. IF Brandt Daroff exercises HELP, it IS BPPV. And $2000 of tests simply made me very ill. But they are not %100 reliable my wallet found out.

So please, do the exercises as the anti nausea meds just covers the causes. If these exercises (done on a bed) make you dizzier at first, it means you really need them. Give it a couple of weeks.

My doctor told me about these exercises. I cursed him at first and THEN they helped.

WE NOW KNOW my horrible vertigo is induced on bad hormonal days....PMS, sick periods...I can not function then...since remember to do these exercises and the Modified Cawthorne exercises ( can't explain those here) the dizzieness has gotten better.

But the dizziness may worsen before improving. If in doubt talk to your doctor please. But these exercises have helped many. good luck

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Thanks for everyone's responses. I became dizzy after my last cold 3 wks ago so I'm hoping it will just resolve itself like my doctor stated. She didn't tell me which ear is got vertigo or anything.

Everyone is freaking me out but she really did express this is just temporary and I have to believe that at least for now since I've never had problems like this before. If it doesn't resolve then I'll investigate furthur.

Thanks I'll look at the exercises


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10 years ago the military docs diagnosed me with vertigo and I had a med for that. Then Last May I found out I have POTS. Now my meds work for the POTS but my vertigo still comes and goes. Hang in there everyone.

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Dayna, yes you can get vertigo from having a cold and if that is the cause it should resolve over a few weeks as you get better. With colds, sometimes you can get a fluid build up in your ears or irritation in your ears that can cause vertigo. Feel better! :)

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