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Deep Brain Stimulation


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Fascinating reading!

A friend of mine emailed me an article from the NY Times, re: deep brain stimulation and depression. This is the treatment being used, some very successfully, with patients dx with Parkinson's.

While it has been used in treating Parkinson's for some time now, deep brain stimulation is being studied in patients who have not responded to any treatment(s) for major depression. Reading the article intrigued me, especially after stimulation of the vagus nerve (ie. NCS) was mentioned. DBS as a treatment for depression is in its early stages -- costs $40K, is still too early to determine its efficacy, and study thus far has included fewer than 20 participants -- but I couldn't help but feel encouraged for those of us who suffer with autonomic nervous system disorders.

Not that I think we may ever reap its benefits, if DBS could be applicable to dysutonomias, but how reassuring to think modern medicine doesn't merely seem content with medications for symptoms, but forges ahead with finding causes/cures. It hasn't been that long ago that SSRI's and the newer anti-depressants were developed, if you think about it. So many of us benefit from the SSRIs in combination with the other drugs prescribed.

Made me feel so encouraged -- if not necessarily for myself -- but for younger sufferers or for those who may unfortunately 'develop' these disorders.

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Hi! I have been interested in the deep brain stimulus since it was in testing. My grandmother had severe familial tremor ( like the actress Kate Hepburn). Not parkinson but she voluntered to be testee (as well as botox inj), unfortunately because of her age 90's, she was disappointed. I have followed it ever sense. I Have two friends who have had the proceedure for parks'. One did very well, except he just didn't get it early enough! 5 years would have made such a difference. He passed from a different problem. The second friend got it about 18 mo ago. it all looked soo good, but she developed an infection around the device in chest and the drs took it out when it spread to pericardium. so she is hoping in a few months to have another inserted. She is so upbeat for all she goes thru. It was working well all though not at full strength when they had to remove it. They say they will have to insert device in right chest this time?. I have oftenwondered about its application to ANS and nch/pots. There seems to be such a range of possible causes it may only be for some people. The cost involved will make most ins co balk if med of any kind may help. They don't really take us seriously now. The first friend paid out of pocket and second fought for several years with severe symptoms before she "got lucky". I hope it helps someone out there!!:-)

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