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Programming Your Cellphone With Emergency Contact

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Hi all, I just wanted to share a tip from an Emergency worker I heard interviewed on the news. First responders who can't get info from the patient may find your cell phone or PDA. They often have a hard time figuring out what number to dial if they have an unconscious patient w/ a cell phone. Something that this Emergency responder suggested and is now taking off is to create a listing called "In Case of Emergency" or ICE. Program this listing in your cell phone with the person you wish to be called first.

Given that our crew of folks with ANS problems can end up falling/fainting or being otherwise incoherent, I thought I'd share this with you to improve your shot at having a loved one notified quickly, and perhaps be able to help the first responders to give you the correct care the FIRST time around.

Have a safe day!

:D Nina

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I've got my ICE numbers in, so have the rest of my family, same as perse, after the july bombings my mum made me and my sister put them in our phones just in case.

becks x x x

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