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On My Way To Get An Iv....


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WAhoo!!.. they ust called me this morning and told me that everything is all set for me to go get hooked up to an Iv today.. over at the hospital.. its going to be run over 8 hours instead of 6.. so I'm going to be there until late tonight.. but that is ok if it will help me feel better...

and I feel pretty cruddy today.. so here is hoping to some Iv magic!!

bring on drippy!! (i named the iv pole/pump during my last hospital stay.. i hadnt slept very well.. and fellt like poo.. and was so tired that i was goofy.. so i named the pole.. and told the nurse that it really needed to be decorated with some colorfull feathers.. and some googley eyes.. and all that jazz.. the nurse laughed at me... and said yeah your right.. then told me to go to sleep in my ice box..--my room-- it was cold cold in there as i made them turn the heat off and bring me a fan.. and it was in the month of january! hahahaha!

I was like you think this is cold you should go walk into my bedroom!

But anywasy I'm off.. and I am looking forward to feeling HUMAN at least for a few hours!! and being abkle to eat with no pain!! how it helps that.. I really dont know!! but it does

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i'm so happy for you! I really relate to you b.c I went through a similar situation for years...

Now I feel SO lucky to just have to make a phone call and a nurse comes here puts a line in and I can hook myself up whenever I feel like it.... Its like a miricle!

My IV pole becomes my buddy on some weeks.... I just carry him around with me wherever I go...

I have gotten pretty talented with him.. I can actually vaccum clean and cook all with him in tow! LOL!

Hope you feel a lot better today :ph34r:

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Hooray==hope the IV helps. You have quite a long day. At least once a week I get 2 litres of IV fluids--it takes about 3.5 hours. My cardiologist says that the drip can be fast since I am not in cardiac failure. Also, the doctor says that a bolus drip provides more relief.

Bring some stuff to keep you occupied!

Drink Up!!!


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thanks folks!!

well i had my infusion.. geez!! what along day!!

I just got home.. (its quarter to one in the morning!).. they gave me thw option of staying over night.. but it was SO HOT there i couldnt stand it... and I had a roomie who's familt was there and it was LOUD!! UGh.. so I'm like no thats Ok I'll go home and sleep in my own bed.. its more comfoy then this thing i'm laying on!

But anywho.. I go the Liter of fluids.. it did help.. about 3 hours into my infusion i was able to eat with no problems.. no pain no nausea no vomitting.. nothing!! and boy did I stuff my face!!! food is GOOD!! even the hospital food tasted allright!..lol wow i was hungry!!

But I really started to feel better.. about h alf ways thru.. and just as i started to perk up and feel human..and my brother walked in my room... I was SO surpirsed to see him!! I havent seen hom in MONTHS.. a good 6 months at least!!

he was like why is it everytime i see you you are in the hospital?? lol.. but that totally made my day!! on top of getting some fluids!!.. I think had they ran 2 liters. and over a quicker time frame that I'd feel really good!! But this really helped.. and atleast I will have a decent night w/o feeling sick allnight..!


believe it or not but my BP did Not go up at any point during my IV.. it dropped! and they wouldnt let me have my evening dose of BB's b/c they are like we do not want to have to call your cardio b/c your flatline on your BP... its low enough as it is.. so they made me hold my meds.. and I got tachy!! I was like geez!!!!!!!!!

But I stil feel allright... so my b/f treated me to whopper burger from burger king on the way home..HMMMMMM yummy.. its been like ages since I had a whopper and i had forgotten how much I like them! I ate and knock on woods no tummy trouble yet!! HOORAY!!

So on the way home I had to start singing.. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY I got food in my tummy!! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY i GOT SALT WATER IN MY VEINS!!..lol.. :):) my b/f cracked up laughing..

allrighty well i'm going to enjoy me feeling human.. and curl up with a good book...it truly amazes me how much of a difference this makes.. virtually every time.. I dont get the logistics behind it only i'm glad that it helps!!

a veryhappy dizzygirl!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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Guest Belinda

:) I am so happy for you..you silly girl. Funny when I got out of the hospital at Toledo I made our friend in Toledo take me to BK for a whopper..Hilarious. Well I barely ate for quite some time so it was yummy..

I will call you later silly..smurfy,,whoppereatin,,singin..girl okay???

Your bolwlingballhead(sp) throbbing fire breathing friend,


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belinda that is SOOOOO! funny!! i forgot about that!! lol!!! dont know why it sounded so good but it was!! mmmmmm..

Its allmost noon.. and I stil feel ok... I'm wondering if I want to dare try to meet my mom for coffee.. (her coffee..me water.. ).. I dont want to over do it and crash.. but I do want to enjoy feeling human and not potsy!! LOL

I slept really really well last night.. I watched alittle TV.. and feel asleep.. I slept a good 10 1/2 hours!

ernie.. I know isnt it!! amazing how something to simple helps so much!!..WAHOO!!---abd eating is always a perk especially if it doesnt make me sick and put me in pain!! and I was so hungry only didnt realize it till i attempted to eat last night.. I hadnt eaten well in days.. the day prior I think I had like 4 chicken nuggets.. and attempted a piece of pizza (it was straight up Nasty!! :) )..

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