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Social Security/disability

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I've went over all the old posts regarding the whole process of applying for Social Security/Disability. I called the only Attorney in my area who specializes in this issue and they advised me to go ahead and get the ball rolling and fill out the first paperwork and then contact them after that point. So I'm going to try and access my complete medical records from all of my ER visits, all of my doc appts and results from all blood work and tests. I'm slightly confused about this... can I actually send these copies to SS myself, and maybe mail it to them so that they have to sign for it? Has anyone applied online? I found this site https://s044a90.ssa.gov/apps6z/i3369/ee001-fe.jsp it seems legitimate. Is it better not to file online? I just don't know how i'm going to even get my medical records let alone go sit at the SS office. From what I read it seems as though I should have all of my medical records in tow when I fill out the paperwork so I can list what testing i've had completed and when.

I've been severely nauseated and vomiting for several days and nothing helps. I went and saw my GI doc today and he told me from his stand point that there is nothing else that he can do and that it's a neurological problem in my body. He wants me to go back and see the POTS specialist again, which i got an appt for April 17. I was on a medical leave from work for a month and I literally made it to work for a maximum of 5 hours a day on 6 occasions and I paid dearly for it. After the doc told me that he really can't do anything else for me I started crying, and he just kinda shuffled his papers around and cleared his throat and I felt so stupid. I told him that I'm thinking of filing for disability and he thought it was a good idea. He said he would fill out paperwork for FMLA time from work so that I don't get fired, but is it better that I just quit? I'm at the point where I get really sick for any of the time that I make it to work. But I did start paying in for LTD in November... so is it better to try and keep my job and try and get some kind of LTD? I'm kinda confused about all of this... Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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The decision to quit working is of course a personal one but I would recommend you use your FMLA and any benefits your employer offers. If you quit, you may not be eligible for or have a harder time getting any long term disability benefits your employer may offer.

Also, FMLA protects you in that if you were to get better at least you'd still have a job to go back to.

Another thing, in case you don't know about it, look into JAN (job accomdation network)--they are helpful in assisting you with possible job accomodations that may allow you to work and employers usually work well with them. This may not be an option for you but I wanted you to be aware of it in case it is.

As for filing online. I didn't like it because it limits you in how much you can type in each space. I filled out the forms myself and mailed it to my local office certified mail, return receipt

Hang in there! Sorry you are going through this

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I've been thinking and thinking about this and I've pretty much decided to hold off on filing for social security/disability. I want to finish online Medical Transcription classes that I've been trying to struggle through. I'm going to stay off work with the help of my FMLA paperwork and possibly look into the long term disability benefit. I really and truly feel like if I could just make it through the coursework, i'd do fine working at home. Even if I felt sick, I could work in my pj's and run to the restroom. So that's my plan for now.

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Guest sonotech

I would also have to say that if you like your job and think that you will get better soon (depends how long this illness has affected your work ability), that using your medical leave benifits is better.

To qualify for SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY you have to expect to be "disabled" for a MINIMUM of ONE YEAR, meaning that if you start accepting SSI disability that you are COMMITING to being off from work for AT LEAST 12 MONTHS.

I applied for disability on-line (on the "official" social security website.....www.socialsecurity.gov ??I think) and I had no problems except that it took 6hrs of sitting at a computer desk!!! Keep in mind that if you file online you DONT have to fill out ALL information at once, you can always go back.

After filing online you will still have to go to SS office to show birth certificate and any other documents that they request.

As far as your medical records...THEY can obtain them if you fill out records release forms, but the one benefit of YOU picking up the records is that it may be faster (meaning less wait time for you to be approved). Also, many dr offices will charge you (the pateint) for copies that you DONT have to pay for if you let SS get them for you.

Any documents CAN be MAILED to ss office if you are too ill, just remember that they must be originals (like birth cert, marriage cert, etc) and you have to trust that they will return them. Medical records that you DID obtain can be mailed as well. This may prevent you from having to sit at SS office for long periods.

GOOD LUCK, and hope this helps!


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