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Is This A Normal Potsy Thing??


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Hi folks..

I was wondering is it a normal part of pots to go from having severe butt kicking insomnia (for about 11months).. and now i have flipped into sleepy gear..(not that i'm complaining.. SLEEP!! WAHOOO!!

but i sleep on the average of about 17-18-ish hours a day now.. i cant stay awake to save my life!! I wake up pop some pills.. try and eat.. and I'm zonked out again... this started while I was still in toledo... I was so tired.. :) poor Julie had to keep trying to wake me up.. I like had to drag my self to get up! LOL... shoot had she not kept trying i would have probably just kept on sleeping..

I was/am thinking that it might be the higher dose of clonidine.. but it started before i started the higher dose.. maybe my body is making up for 11 months of sleepless days and nights?? Hmm.. dont know

was just wondering if any of your flip flop with insomnia to major sleepiness..(meaning that its an intense urge need to lay down and sleep like NOW!! ) and even though its alot of sleep.. I still feel like I ddint sleep a wink.. make sense??

i know that sleep disturbacnces are a normal part of pots...but boy my body has no even comon ground its one extreme or the other!!

sleepygirl... what is that dwarfs name that sleeps alot? is it sleepy? or dopey?? or droppey?? I dont remember!! lol.. only that i have a night gown with a dwarf gritter on the front of it.. and its funny.. only he is the grumpy one!! ahhahahahaha

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hi yeah i had a sleep study done in 2004.. but I wasnt going thru a symptomactic spell the night of the test.. and they wont do another one..despite the obvisous that I think there are some sleep issues going on..

constatn moving of arms and legs during sleep.. i have been told that i do some pretty strange things in my sleep.. such as breathing.. I --my boyfriend tells me that I beat him up in my sleep.(he says taht i kick him.. :blink: i really am not a violent person.. but there are alot of things going in in the sleep department.. and docs here wont take me seriously.. I should show them vince bruised legs.. :):ph34r: ...

a few weeksa go.. my b/f told me that i was sleeping and that i was struggling to breath.. to the point that i caught his attention and he came and checked on me..

so---those are afew examples of i think they need to do another sleep study...

waht do you guys think??

oh the sleep study in 2004 showed that i have sleep apnea.. but not to the point of it needing treatment..

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To go from one extreme to the other, you may want to examine your drugs and ask the pharmacist or your doctor. Sounds odd to me.

I have had butt kicking insomnia since the late 1980's and it caused my fatigue and subsequent disability in 1990.

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Yes and Yes. Mine correllates with the tides of stress. If I am pushing a deadline, I will have insomnia for weeks at a time. Once the deadline is passed, I can't seem to get enough sleep. There is an article in April's Glamour Magazine (ya, it helps me to be glamourous despite the medical hose) called "Are you a Somnorexic?" that talks about how people miss sleep for whatever reason and then crash. It is an interesting read and a great excuse to go buy a dishy mag! (page 152) :)

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hi dizzy

i am like that as well. i have been sleeping bad at night for years and years but could somehow deal with it and now i often have spells when i have trouble keeping myself awake. i can't see a connection with stress, it seems to just happen. i've never had a sleep study done but i'm almost sure that there's something wrong. i consider (but not sure of course) it as a dysautonomia thingy.

i once tried ritalin for staying awake which helped a lot but gave me a terrible headache. nowadays i just let it happen.

corina :)

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Hi--yeah I think another sleep study is warrented.. and I think I'm going to ask for another one.. I think "alot" of my sleepiness as well as insomnia is POTs realted.. and some not so much.. i dont know..

But I dont think that its my meds.. as I am off like virtually everything but BB's right now.. and am going to start Lyrica here soon..so I dont think that it my meds.. as it started WAY before I was on clonidine or Betaxolol...

as far as stress goes.. there definately has been an aggressive decline in health in the past 11-12 months.. triggers are not real clear as to why right now..but neither is the casue of my pots so who knows!!

But.. hmm i will let you guys know what they say if I get another sleep study done.. hopefully "i'm acting up" the night of my sleep study!! and am kicking and moving away.. lol.. poor vince!! :ph34r:

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I was put on Lyrica for fibro pain, and after just one small dose I felt like I was staggering drunk till the next afternoon. I am very med sensative. However was just put on Midodrine and I am handling it so far, I am freezing cold with chills and weird tinglys on scalp but no heart racing or other nasty things.

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