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Many people say me that this product is great for the inmunologic system.

Do you know something about this?

It' s a natural product

this drug is popular in Mexico but is not real popular in the US but, is found here with few companies.

they claim the following

Here is how Immunocal works:

? The bonded cysteine found in Immunocal is the secret behind its beneficial properties

? Bonded cysteine is a building block for glutathione, which is a naturally-occurring protein in our bodies

? Glutathione is an essential component of our immune system

? In fact glutathione, produced by cells throughout our body, plays a vital role as:

? A cell's most important Antioxidant

? A component of the Immune response

? A Detoxifying agent in our body

I know:

Cysteine can be found in red peppers, garlic, onions, broccoli, brussel sprouts, oats, and wheat germ. However, it is not an essential amino acid, and can be synthesized by the human body if a sufficient quantity of methionine is available.

Glutathione is manufactured inside your cells, your cells ability to make glutathione is determined by the supply of raw materials, in particular the amino acid, cysteine.

So I'm no doctor but would it not make sense to eat food that has cysteine in it than to take this synthetic supplement that has it and god knows what else to boost your immune system.

I in no way want to tell you what to take or not to take but i would research any supplements that heathfood companies are selling. It is know in the U.S that alot of money is wasted on these kinds of things.

again this is just my opinion.


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Thak you Theresa,

I buy this for telephone in USA, in Mexico is not easy to find thid. But I finish the tratment of 30 days and I am waitting the results.

But you have reason I' m going to try to eat the vegetables that have cisteine an other food.

thanks for the tip.

Have a nice day.

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Though usually not a fan of network marketing products (usually very expensive and over rated, usually) This name rang a bell.

Dr. Cheney mentions is in this article in treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I wonder if he still suggests patients use this product.


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