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Low Cortisol, High Norepinephrine


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Hi everyone,

I finally got a copy of one of Dr. Ferril's books (they are pricey). I opened up to the chapter on blood pressure and catecholamines to peek ahead.

Anyway, he discussed the two parts of the adrenal gland -- the cortex, which makes cortisol and the medulla, which makes norepinephrine and epinephrine. What is so interesting is that when the cortisol is low (like mine is in the morning and maybe also some of you), then the receptors for norepinephrine don't work and the body has to make lots more norepinephrine when you stand up. So cortisol is one key (and maybe things to bring up cortisol will lower the excess norepinephrine).

He talks alot about conversion of norepinephrine to epinephrine requiring SAMe (and probably other factors like the folate nutrients).

Stay tuned for the next episode in this adventure story.


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At Amazon, actually from another supplier via Amazon. I paged through the whole book today and it looks really good.

I like it when people discuss not just diseases by names and symptoms, but talk about the mechanisms of the body and where they can be helped. Maybe you cannot cure POTS now, but you can correct or compensate for methylation defects, improve nitric oxide status, balance your steroid hormones and -- voila! -- you have helped regulate your body's blood pressure.


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