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Update: Burning Eyes, Weird Cycles, Etc

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Well I have put up posts here lately about burning eyes and my period that just wont start (on day 48 now). I saw my pcp and an eye doc tuesday and this is what I found out.....I think I want a refund..

My pcp (at day 45 of my cycle) (btw I normally run 33-34 days...once in the last four years I have gone to 40 days.) took my temperature and did a urine test for a bladder infection and said "well your urine is good, I just don't know what to tell you. Perhaps one ovary is not working anymore? Or perpaps you are going into menopause, but at 33 that seems a little young for it."

So Then I had my eye appointment. Good news is that my prescription has not changed in the last 6 years. Bad news is that I have NO depth perception. She also agreed with what I had told her (I read somewhere...probably on these boards that eye focusing is at least partially under autonomic control). She agreed and said that yes some of your eyes focusing abilities is indeed under sympathetic control. She did some tests and said that my brain was completely ignoring one eye at a time. It was only accepting input from one eye, although what eye it picked seemed to vary I think. It is not apparently obvious to a normal observer but it is happening. She asked me if I had ever been told I had a lazy eye. My mother thought I did but no docs ever caught it. They had me wear a patch to pacify my mother but it made me feel terribly nauseous and gave me headaches. (I think I was like 11 when they did the patch stuff). Anyway the doc tuesday said that she could not see any reason for why my eyes were doing this, as the exam was otherwise perfectly normal...story of my life...

I told her about my burning eye issues and she said she did not know what it was... I asked if there was any medicine or drops that could bring relief.... That was suggested by someone on this board...sorry I dont remember the name. I will look it up. My doc handed me a sample of some drops and said I could try them, but she had no idea what was really going on.

I also told her that sometimes my right eye gets this fuzzy spot, quite large, in the center of the field of vision...It is like trying to look thru a glaze or something... The shape is always nearly the same and it goes away after several seconds. She did not know what that was either...but she suggested optical migraines...but those distortions of vision usually last longer...

So I am out $40.00 in co-pays and left thinking I could have gotten myself a nice present with that money....

P.s. My daughter turned 5 yesterday!!!! I stayed home from work and made myself be normal....PAYING FOR IT AS WE SPEAK. But it was worth it.

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I have had similar problems. I see a neuro-opthamologist. They take pictures of your eyes, pressures etc. If you are having this much trouble see someone. It turned out that because of my sleep apnea my BP increases while sleeping and I had a TIA in one eye which we caught and have no problems. He also has me use the coating eye drops, you can't see for a couple of minutes after using..

Also I had premature menopause in my early thirties. There are blood tests for that.

Take care Mirim

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