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Hmmm Bad Day.. But Possibly Finally Getting Somewhere ??


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Hi ya folks!

boy waht a day I had today.. to start things off my lovely period greeted my last night.. Oh what a joy this is.. NOT!! no wonder I feel so crappy!! and crabbby!!

So i was like great I'm in a for a fun filled time this week!!

I went to bed early last night,, b/c I had alot to do today.. Iwas asleep my 11:30 last night!! ((gasp)))) lol.. I'm never in bed that early!.. but anyhow.. I woke this morning at 9 am.. w/ a horrendous migraine.. and i felt like I hadnt slept a wink.. my eys feel (still) like they are going to fall out of there sockets.. and they hurt like the dickens.. and are all swoolen and puffy and droppey looking.. its my permanent potsy look I think...i look like i'm stung out on crack or something.. only its not crack its POTS!! haha

befoe I ever attempted getting out of bed I checeked my BP.. is was low about 90-92/55.. I was like Oh yeah.. I wonder how much it will drop when i get up.. :( ..my pulse was Low this morning too..

I had to go see my neurologist this mornging.. morning time are so BAD!!!!!!!!!.. I took the lift this morning so I ddint have to walk any more the necesary..i get there and they got me in I ddint hve to sit there and wait thank god!!..

So I get into a room and I'm like I gotta tell you I dont feel very well... I feel like I'm going to pass out... she was like are you lightheaded.. I'm like yeah.... as I feel myself grow more and more potsy.. the doc comes in ad she is talking to me.. and I'm finding it increasingly hard to talk. to think for that matter.. thankfully she is patient... all of a sudden I start to feel myself like slouch.(you know the potsy slouch where you cant sit up right. and your body leans to the side.. and you neck feels like jello).. I was thinking oh NO!!.. my Neuro grabbed my wrist and kept asking me if I was allright.. i guess i was looking pretty cute.. and she was searching around my wrist trying to find a pulse.. and wasnt finding one.. and then started checking my other wrist.. and she is staring at me.. she kept talking to me which was good b/c I dont know how I stayed conscious..correction.. stayed upright.. and didnt hit the floor.. I felt myself kind drift off for a moment.. and my hearing started to go squirelly.. and I was trying to say something and couldnt... the doc was shaking my arm for some reason unknown to me...and ws looking at my hands... ;)B) waht do my hands have to do with me nearly passing out??

then the feeling started to subside.. to a not quite so bad but bad level.. and once I could talk again she goes stick out your tongue...i was like what??

my neuro thinks that I am having seizures...(though I have had like 4 EEG's in the past) and they all show slowed brain functioning.. so she was like well I want to do an.. she thinks that there is more then one thing going on causing my paralysis... possible seizures.. and she thinks (obviously after seeing/feeling like no pulse) that my heart rate is dropping way to low. also causing some things.. apparently if your rate drops to low it can cause some of the things to happen that I'm experiencing..

I asked her waht if the EEg's comes back fine.. what then.. she was like I dont know.. I told about my appointment with dr/g.. and that they dont know either waht is causing such problems.. but she was honest enough to tell me that she wasnt sure waht is going. but atleast she is willing to look into some things..

I told her that I do not want her to out me on a boat load of medications.. b/c I sick and tired of dealing with bad side effects.. and I'm tired of having to get pumped full of meds to head off an allergic reaction.. and that I realy do not like my throat closing. and my chest tightening.. and not being able to swallow or breath b/c of a med.. she was like OK.. BUT--if your EEG comes back that you are having seizures you WILL have to go on an anti seizure med.. I was like allright.. and as far as pain wise and migraines.. she gave me a sample of a rescue med to try.. to see if it helps and if i can tolerate it before I fil a whole script of the stuff..

so she sat with me for a few til i started to feel abit stable. then walked with me ot schedule the eeg. and waht not.. since my "little epsiode" tis morning. i have like like a live walking blob of Jello... i went to the bathroom after my app... as when iget like that i have to pee every 2 minutes.. and i looked in the morror was like wow! no woder she was geting worried!.. my face was a funny looking color.. not quite white.. not wuite pink.. it definatly isnt a healthy look i can tell you that much.. and all the way around my eyes they were big white circles.. and my eylids were pink and my eye whites were blood shot looking.. and of course there are my lips.. which are still a pasty white-purple-blueish looking color.. my bottom lip has a freaky thick white "line"going all the way across it...


But i still feel like crudd.. and my apin level is going sky high.. so i am looking forward to crawling into bed hear real soon and going to sleep...ahhhhh sleep and warm blankies!!! YEEAH!

so i thought i'd share my day with you all.. as it freakin stunk!!!

I've decided that my new name is

dizzy-jello-smurf -girl... b/c i'm so dizzy i could puke.. my entire body feels like ablob of jello.. and my nice funky colored lips reminds me of a smurf! and girl just b/c...

ok i'm loosing my marbles now..

smurf girl signing off

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So the doc got to see you in action! Hopefully, it gave her the incentive she needs to figure out how it help you. Maybe she's thinking things that she hadn't thought before, like the light bulb went off in her head. So, even though it stinks and you feel bad, I'm glad it happened where it did. Sorry it had to be that way!

Stay upright! Unless, of course, you're trying to sleep, then, you know, go ahead and lay down, I guess. :D

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