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Training Problem

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Hi Guys,

I am still waiting for my reply from SSDI, so I applied for a bank position which is 3 hours a day....good for me, so I can atleast afford to pay my car. I am just worried if I am going to have to do training, because most training is 8 hour a day which I can not do.

Does anyone have any ideas for me?? I'm obviously going to have to tell them I can't do the long training hours, but who knows if I'll get the job if I cant.

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Not sure but are you a member of the Disinissue web site?

There, many legal experts have mentioned that if you can work at all or sit in training/school for hours at a time, it can really interfere with your disability status.

I just hope they don't find out but you will have to tell them as they WILL find out eventually. Tough place to be but I would join that site and explain the situation. Definitely don't want to screw up your benefits.

You usually have to be off work for months before you can apply and worry about part time work later...at least for Soc sec...unless the rules have changed in 16 years.

Good luck in your situation, though.

Between a rock and a hard place sometims. ;)

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It's either work or get my car taken away...so I don't know..all I know is that I can't afford to wait for a long appeals process.

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Unfortunately, I know exactly what your going through. My car was taken away last week and i was devistated. Even though I'm not allowed to drive, it was the fact that if i needed to drive somewhere close or get out for a little, I could. I didn't have to rely on others. I do hope that you recieve the assistance that you need. I know it takes a long time, may you have patience dear.

In my thoughts and prayers!


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